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Brisvegas Christmas

So, how does a junkie (of the smack flavour) approach Christmas? Well, I'm not a Christmas denier, I know it exists and cannot be avoided whilst family still lives. So I do as I always do - prepare the chemical defences. More than any other time of the year, I ensure supply lines are clear, misinformation and balderdash is removed form the equation.

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Using in your forties

These last few weeks I seem to have been flooded with grisly reminders that it gets harder and harder to use as you get older.

I have always wondered at the lack of junkies in their fifties or sixties - when you've been waiting an hour or two for a dealer on a street, you often get to see the other users who are getting stuffed around in the same area. They are often not hard to spot, furtive looks, twitches and sidelong glances fill the air.

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07 Dec, 2012

Grieving, three months on.

I remember being told that grief would not even peak until three months after mum died. I remember thinking that perhaps this woman, the mother of an old friend, who told me this was being mean spirited. I've never had a great relationship with my friend's mother, but this is mainly due to one event thirty years ago, when I was playing with one of her sons, a few years younger than my ten years, and let him crash an improvised go-kart in her back yard.

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06 Dec, 2012

In Pokhara, in the west of Nepal, there's a few blocks of tightly erected hostels for tourists. One one street corner there is a sign pole so heavily festooned with the dozens of hostel names that it sags under the weight.
Many of the names are from the sixties/seventies era when Nepal really opened to the West with the coming of the hippy. An overland Silk Road trail, up through India, to Delhi, north east to Gorakhpur on Nepal and India's border, a little border town that grew unrecognisably from my first visit in 1993 to my next in 2011.

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30 Nov, 2011

So, yes. You'd think, that after a six month dry spell, the words would be pouring onto the page. I had envisaged a page-a-day festival of outpoured soul, going on for months.


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