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Fun with drugs #1

Not long after i started smoking pot i found myself sometimes when very stoned and with my eyes shut, forgetting completely where i was and how i got there. The initial few times i immediately opened my eyes and found out my circumstances but after a while, since there was no anxiety or distress associated with the feeling, i began keeping my eyes shut while i retraced back through my mind until i reached my present location and only then would i open my eyes to verify and always correctly. Sometimes it might take several minutes and the longer the better.

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A day at the clinic

Much like every other time i go to the clinic, days overdue for my appointment and they have been after me for tests too but it is a clear winter's day as i leave for the first bus at 9am. Change buses and two hours later i walk up the long hill to the hospital when the plan forms in my head thinks "they want me to have a blood test, a chest x-ray and an ECG. Maybe i could go for an x-ray and the ECG then it might be too late for the blood test before going to the doctor".

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A weekend without metro

I picked up 65mg on Saturday morning, missed 100mg that night, missed all day and night on Sunday even tho i was looking at 100 mg. How do i do it?

Plenty of pot is a good start. I had been eating 2g at a time and was terribly high all the time but i think the sleep is what did it. Eating pot makes a really good general tonic if you don't have to be too sharp. Not so hot on the stomach but i'm sure creative cooking would fix that. For someone who is making an effort to reduce an opiate intake here is an ideal adjunct.

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On arrival at the lake side "guet houe" in MaeHongSon perhaps the largest display on the wall concerned the most important event on their Bhuddist calendar, more important it seems than the various hill tribes in the area which are the major drawcard for visitors. The display points out that the Buddhists or the institutional manifestations of them are divided into two streams as are the people themselves and these are the only streams in Thai society at least to the Thai and theTaiYai, to the disadvantage of all the other ethnicities in the country.

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A long weekend

It's 9 as i get up to answer the door and it's MT apologizing profusely for not sending me a txt, first warning. She shrinks from my annoyance with her, second warning. I'm getting the feeling i'm being played as i apologise and she starts to get a bit weepy. I apologise and offer to make a cup of hot chocolate and then, "i just wanted to see if i could get a bud until Monday?", strike three. I sit down and have a drink and a few cones and listen to MT as she talks about her need for anti- depressants.

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On the Death of a Friend

His death was something we both knew was coming and from where if not so clearly as to when. I knew of his diagnosis by mid 2009 and he had been told not to make any plans past Christmas but as it turned out Keir managed to live until late February 2012 when he passed away peacefully in hospital, a lovely room with family and good friends about. It was cancer in his thyroid that was treated with radiation therapy and surgery and in its early stages didn't seem noticeable to me except for the obvious effects of the surgery.

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The Yearly Inspection

I'm told they come once a year but it always seems sooner when a pair of nervous looking BRIC bureaucrats come to inspect the premises. They inspect everyone's place on the same day so don't have much time. They are mainly concerned about damage i think so i don't have much to worry about but it is a good time to think about how my use of the place has changed over the last year.

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Pronouncing Lahu is a new thing for English speakers. Lahu have a way of adding meaning by aspirating syllables. That's not to say they add aspiration for emphasis more like many of their words have all or part aspirated to enrich a vocabulary. I know two words and both have aspirations in them. Shakor lived in Ban Wanna Luong an interesting place and Shakor an integral part of it on the way between the bus stop and a lovely cave and guest house next to a village.

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Fulfilling Requirments

Some time ago, about six months now i went to my local GP with several problems the most acute at the time being consistent with Gout but naturally enough the GP wouldn't confirm this without a blood test for uraemia. I have a terrible time finding any veins and so do the people in collection agencies and hospitals so i never look forward to it.

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Dangerous Drugs

DD's as they call 'em in the trade or profession i should say, as in "Nurse, can I have the keys to the DD's please". What makes them so dangerous is ignorance and that is quite dense around illegal drugs. Really i suppose it's pretty dense around any drug until people are cluey about it and this clueing in can come through education and experience personal and vicarious. The dangers that lurk are not necessarily those one expects.


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