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The Hmong are a mountain people who made it down to Lao sometime over the past 500-1000 years I suppose and more recently have made their way across the Mekong River into Thailand because their land and its resources are coveted by the Pathet Lao government. They are on the endangered species list and Thailand has been known to show some kindness to endangered species i can tell you. I was staying in ChaengSaen a former walled town with one side on the river and the others surrounded by a wall of clay or terra cotta bricks which has largely disappeared by now.

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In Search of Inspiration

A huge part of our conscious thought is devoted to making ourselves known or understood at least by others, an equally huge part is devoted to knowing what others may know or at least think of us. Casual aquaintances such as neighbours who have no prior knowledge of us become blank slates which are only too impressionable when they have nothing better to think about than the racket the crows make in the morning. What juicy trifles do their minds concoct out of an excentric neighbour.

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Tarzan of the Apes

The resident in No.4 has been something of a nuisance since it arrived and it seems that everybody here is more than ready to give up on waiting until it adjusts to having a home. The complex was built with money from the Rudd Labor government as a way to shorten the Housing Commission waiting lists in the States without placing new strain on their bureaucracies and is managed by a company (BRIC) that formed out of the amalgamation of several housing co-operatives that had allready existed for some years.

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My first Tracker

was in my head after returning from surgery and there was no way i could maintain my daily intake of ~750mg of morphine base. I had mentioned to the emergency doctor about this complication and had said "if i can't get any help for this (the morph) i'll go home" and was only half joking. He probably assumed i was serious. Anyway i was ordered 50mg Morphine 6th hourly but it was a weekend so i expected that come Monday some senior doctor would show up from the real world demanding "what in god's name is going on?".

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An atypical methadone regimen.

Methadone was always something i looked down on as a cop out. Something like a government approved drug addict is how i looked at it until i found that even after being an almost trouble free client for nearly 20 years there was still plenty of room for disapproval by them that makes the rules. In the beginning i consulted an old associate with some experience in these things and was advised to consult a private psychiatrist (Dr. Eastwell) who is no longer practicing unfortunately for brisbin's drug addicts.

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Hospitals and Junk

Considering junk is a term referring to that group of drugs derived from opium I could be forgiven for thinking that hospital is a place where there would be some expertise in coping with the stuff but it seems nothing could be further from the truth. My first experience of this was after I came off a motorcycle landing in the bush on Mt. CootTha with multiple fractures to my L leg. In emergency at RBH I was given 100mg pethidine i.m. when I asked for something to alleviate the pain.


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