Another (perfect?) Day

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Of course we were pissed that the gear didn't work. Of course we were, it was the last dribble of the very last of my pay from yesterday.
Waking up on a Saturday morning with a balance in Suncorp...a balance that wasnae promised to Bill or Mick or whoever...
This was a first - well, a first for a long time.
2020. Wages were just something some nameless, faceless entity gave to you to hand on to your Dealer. We hadn't worked out yet the reason for the whole convoluted 'Employer -> Me -> Dealer', why didn't my employer just pay my Dealer?
I'd had that idea more than a decade ago. Advertise that I wouod work for whoever would pay me the largest amount of gear. And teh gear was to be delivered on a daily basis, 6am would see a new packet appear in some sort of pay-slot in my house...And the packet would be enough for me and S, of course, and we could choose if we'd have it all at nice, or if we'd keep some for night-time...
That wasn't the point..the point was to eliminate the messy receipt of 'pay' in this money stuff, which we had to go and draw out of a bank (draw...why do you 'draw' money? If I really could draw money I'd stop going to work, I'd just ask S to full-time use her artistic skill to draw up a whole pike of this money draw a fortune, then no more Mr Employer. Just S, and me, and gabo.
The Simple Life.
But No. It was 2020, and if I told a straight person what I was, i,.e. an individual who has developed a physical dependency upon a particular combination of four Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen etc molecules...If i told a straight person that my dependency was to that specific mix (C21H23NO5) rather than another mix like CH3CH2OH..well, I would still get much teh same look that I got back in the 1990s, when i was just out of teenage-hood. The look I got then made me thin of the look a gay man would get in 1930 had he told a government official that his sexual orientation was this way rather than that way.
I need to remember that...the trouble always seems to be with the particukars of a situation rather than teh general problem.
I mean, you'd think that the illegal thing would be 'having a dependency on something' or 'having a sexual orientation of any kind'
Sets. A collection of things. Society comes up with a set of things - boy-to-girl, girl-to-boy, girl-to-nobody, boy-to-nobody etc. Or another set {Alcohol, cigarettes, porn, exercise}. The sets are not really published anywhere, but like a dead elephant in a cave, you can infer the set's members, the shape of the elephant, through a variety of indirect methods - reading laws. Reading magazine articles, watching films, talking to co-workers.
It was 2020 and everyone sort-of-knew that writing out the set's members would be wrong in some way. Coming out and saying it, that was wrong.
But no-one wanted to change the actual laws based around those sets.
Anyways, I must go work on my new prune app. I hope it will go somewhere other than a git repo..