Brisvegas Christmas

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So, how does a junkie (of the smack flavour) approach Christmas? Well, I'm not a Christmas denier, I know it exists and cannot be avoided whilst family still lives. So I do as I always do - prepare the chemical defences. More than any other time of the year, I ensure supply lines are clear, misinformation and balderdash is removed form the equation.

So, just scored a century for gal and I, from our local Maccas (what else are these yellow and red temples good for, than poisoning our youth? So I always find them fitting locations to do the exchange of cash for powder.). Dive in, pick up dealer with his perfect accompaniement to gear, a breakfast of a pre-processed burger, drive him fifteen metres to the street outside Maccas, and drop him off. Mumble teh obligatory 'Have a good Christmas'.

He informs 'oh, I may not even be available after three tomorrow' - he had said we could score on Christmas Day after three pm. Now that's off.

But as I mentioned, I had examined my supply lines earlier, and have lined up two centuries of pure, coming up[ from a great distance, but at least it's a reliable deal. As long as the driver doesn't nod off at the wheel, or get busted. Now THAT would spoil my Christmas.

So gear has been lined up for today and THE day. After that, there is no money, and no plan other than the usual 'try for tick'. Who knows what will happen. But we will get through the day, and as junkies, that is all we can ask for.


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My PC got 'hacked' by Yontoo Layers. Now, not hacked in the traditional sense by an external malicious party, but for the first time in years I was silly enough to install some app on my PC that hijacked facebook and places ads all aroundit. FB nicely detected it running and asked me to uninstall Looked like it would not let me in until I did so, but I think that was more a deliberate design feature than actual account blocking.

So check your Programs list for Yontoo Layers and uninstall today!

"As long as the driver doesn't nod off at the wheel, or get busted. Now THAT would spoil my Christmas."
That would spoil YOUR Christmas! How about the poor bugger at the wheel?

Christmas is certainly an event that requires substance support. The term Christmas, with me as I'm sure with many others, refers to the family gathering we have to deal with. If I ever get over this dependence on substance I believe Christmas would be the BIG test.

Is it just me or is it substance dependant people or is it people in general that find the whole Christmas with family thing a real challenge? I suppose being a part of the substance dependant community makes one feel somewhat detached from the real world; and nothing represents the real world more than family and in particular family gatherings.

It also doesn't help when you really really hate Christmas.

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3.44am on christmas morning and instead of sleeping or waiting expectantly for Santa to deliver my presents I am toying with the idea of raiding the fridge and doubling up on my metro. To put that off I am thinking about what it all means, a typical preamble to the act. Fortunately I am no longer bound by family obligations although as an adult I didn't mind a good excuse to visit my Mother but the obligation to "make the peace with Dad" was never appealing to me, why doesn't he ever make an effort on christmas after all. With an older sister, daddy's little girl, the stage was set for discord and none of my efforts ever made a difference. Maybe things would have been better if there were more people like when i was a child and the presence of grand parents added an extra layer of expectations. There's something sad about a society that celebrates the most important religious festival of the year all sliced and diced in tiny cubicles all carrying out the same routine of exchanging gifts and hopes and usually the dislikes and petty squabbles that are saved up because christmas is the only thing that brings us together at one time. I recall equivalent festive occasions in Thailand where the whole village was involved but then the village was an extension of the family i suppose. It seemed a lot more fun to me and i believe that an extended family has a better chnce of a peaceful christmas/
Being alone now doesn't feel so different from when i was a child since my constant companion (sister) was no friend despite the foolish assumptions of an infant. Just as we go thru daily routines behaving as if neighbours are friends my childhood demanded the same routine and i am heartily sick of it by now. There always seem to be people who qualify as friends in my experience so it will be good to visit them and exchange small gifts and pleasantries in the knowledge that nobody places too much expectations on the whole thing. This is impossible with family and that is what obligation is about i suppose, showing gratitude to those who deserve it. The hard part is witholding it from those who don't deserve it like a jealous sibling or a resentful father. Inflicting pain on them wasn't my intention but i really wonder about their's. I don't envy my sister and the pantomime she will be concocting right now and only barely envisage what form it must take now that her children are almost adults. I just hope her eldest is as 'corrupt' as i am since she inherited my eyes i hope she inherited my ideas. A nice christmas wish if ever there was one. Let's see how much metro tummy can take.