A cause for hope in the new year?

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The article in the news about the promise by Canada's Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to legalize cannabis is not much for average Australians to get excited about but should give some joy to the marijuana activists. Being a large country next door to the USA and a member of NATO draws attention to the growing trend to roll back prohibition of this popular intoxicant.      

 The above map shows distribution of laws for and against recreational use. The blue arrow at the top of India is Bhutan which along with Uruguay, Netherlands, North Korea and a few states in the USA have at least essentially legalized recreational cannabis use. Not much to look at but the orange and pink areas indicating those places where it is decriminalized (orange) or where authorities prefer not to enforce the law (pink) are significant.      

The above map showing the distribution of places where medicinal marijuana is at least essentially legal (dark blue) or decriminalized (pale blue) or where the laws are not enforced (pink) is also a sign of progress.


Not much for average Australians to dance about but something for the marijuana activists to be hopeful. Under the circumstances they should be thankful for small mercies. (Thanks to Wikipedia)