A change is as good.....

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And a major change at that. After spending near enough to five years in a tiny bedsit in a complex for 'Transitional Housing' where accommodation consisted of a bedsit ready furnished with a double bed, lounge, bedside table, kitchen table, microwave, stove, fridge and washing machine, nobody who had been living for two years in a rooming house in Fortitude Valley for those homeless who don't want to sleep rough would pass up such a self-contained dwelling a few minutes walk from a magnificent beachfront location was truly idyllic.


Unfortunately all this took place while I underwent a couple of years of invasive dental work which rendered me convalescent from from having my teeth removed, my gums trimmed and sutured then a pair of dentures were inserted to what remained of my mouth with the instructions; "Keep these dentures in!". After a total of about six hours in the chair with half an hour break for lunch (?) I was left to spend a couple of nights gratefully enjoying the hospitality of a friend before I made the two hour journey back home when all the time I felt as if I should have gone from the Dental Clinic to a surgical ward for at least a few days.


The years went by as I watched my oldest friend die of Thyroid Cancer. Fortunately it was a clean and dignified death in a lovely location surrounded by family and friends. A most singular process of both of us, no doubt, were forced to come to certain understandings that impart more than knowledge. They impart an understanding which makes me wonder if it is too arrogant to call it wisdom. If not for my friend's uncanny sense of timing I might have died before him I sometimes think.


Sitting contemplating my current circumstances I feel as if I am no longer a convalescent. There is a lot of work to do.