A day at the clinic

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Much like every other time i go to the clinic, days overdue for my appointment and they have been after me for tests too but it is a clear winter's day as i leave for the first bus at 9am. Change buses and two hours later i walk up the long hill to the hospital when the plan forms in my head thinks "they want me to have a blood test, a chest x-ray and an ECG. Maybe i could go for an x-ray and the ECG then it might be too late for the blood test before going to the doctor". Worked like a charm and i'm pretty sure i don't have lung cancer yet but two cracked thoracic vertebrae probably showing bone weakness which at my age isn't too surprising. Same for the emphysema the doctor mentioned. At least i have another name for being short winded now.

The fun started when i finished my chat with the doctor and was talking at the window to my case manager when i looked at the time. It was after 3pm and with a two hour trip to get back to my chemist i wasn't sure if i could make it on time and was gripped by a rush of anxiety, regained my composure and told my case worker that i would like to be dosed at the clinic. They can't do that for me because they don't give take-aways from the clinic is the only reason either of us could imagine and then the rush of horror began to take a grip and i said "but what will i do?" with a look of near hysteria taking shape on my face. Veronica, cool and collected rings my pharmacy and it turns out they're open until 7pm every day except Thursdays when they're open later. As if i would know that. So i made it to my pharmacy, dosed, got take-away then made it home at around 6pm. Not bad, at least i don't have lung cancer yet.