Day in my life

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8am and two shots already. 5am delivery, 7am pickup over in Milton.  A 'treat' that is, two shots in one morning. It's true we do pootle off to work feeling human.  But after three decades that's well under-cut by the knowledge that it'll all be gone in 8 hours and we'll be feeling worse than before.  Takes four days to acclimatise to a single shota  day, but only one day of two shots to reset that clock 

I just now download 4GB version of Koyaanasqatsi, Francis Ford's masterpiece, and I know that not all lives are wasted.  The opening scene of the rocket gantry falling away, Philip Glass slowly hypnotising me - this was released in 1982 and I know it made me a different person from seeing it in maybe 1990.

My big contribution to the world so far? I realised this morning that you can breathe through a chupa chup - wrap your whole mouth aroudn the globe, tightly purse your lips and breathe in...air trickles through the candy somehow and up along the plastic stem.

I bet not many people know this.

Who knows if and when this will be useful.  Will I ever end up trapped in a car just below the surface of a river (JUST below the surface..anything over 10 centimetres and I am gone), and I can sustain myself until help arrives with a chupa chup, as long as I can resist that impulse to chew the candy.

Junkies are trading off future against now all the time, so who knows I won't trade off a sweet sugar burst against 'the rest of my breathing life' which would only be measured in minutes anyway.

I woudl like to make more of a contribution than a simple blog posting about chupa chup survival skills.  Not sure if life will let me.