At the doctor

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A point of endless speculation and more than a couple of urban myths among doctor shoppers is the surveillance of people on the Program (Methadone/Subutext/Suboxone) who go doctor shopping. At the G.P. seeking advice about my gout and he mentioned pain management; "I use Methyl Salicylate cream topically seems to be as good as anything" I said and added "It is bad at times. Last night I hardly slept". He wrote me a script for Diazepam 5mgx50 and a repeat on his office pc and printed them then he was printing out an information sheet when he took his mobile from his pocket and answered it.
All I heard was the doctor say "But he's already got them". I began speculating that the script done online had been detected and a human had been alerted, rang the doctor to tell him about my history perhaps? "No, too quick" I  tell myself. Then it comes back "They could have it automated, no human just a computer generated message with a recorder for his reply" Yes it is possible. So.....myth, paranoia, delusion, or reality?