Dreaming of dragons

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In a small tumbling down house, with some unknown other person or perhaps more than one. The house had safe spots, i.e. locations where the dragon outside could not see the person inside, and in such spots you could rest. But for some unkown reason there was a necessity to go outside regularly and so I did. The main memory of the dream was getting back inside to safety just seconds ahead of the dragon.
Not posting this for dream interpretation, and yes, I am aware of the dragon-as-gear interpretation. I'm posting it because I remember so few dreams, and I wanted to get something of this down before it evaporated.
Dreams of being hunted, chased, stressed.


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About two years after i had begun spending a large proportion of my waking time and energy in the pursuit of junk and all the accoutrements that go with it i found myself going through a regular routine of spending the night asleep but frequently awakening acutely aware of a desperate sense of being pursued by those wanting to arrest me for my activities. Whether they were the necessary activities to get the money, the necessary activities to get the gear, or the necessary activities to get the gear into my blood was immaterial.

I would be wide awake, drenched in sweat, with no likelihood of returning to a peaceful slumber. It felt like i had been privy to the mindset of a beast of prey.. A substantial hit of smack would have seen me right but in its absence i was restricted to goofballs (barbiturates or benzos) which were a pathetic substitute for the simple cure.
The only thing that crossed my mind as a viable panacea was the solace that only ever comes from a particular person who was in the position to provide the sort of visceral comfort so many of us are probably seeking when we develop such a relationship. Perhaps the junk is a cheap substitute for that closeness. My girl at the time seemed more interested in goofballs, in the absence of junk. Oh dear, give me the dragon.

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I can't say i'm well read on Fritz Perls or any other writers about Gestalt Therapy but i vividly recall a time, mid to late 70's when the relative efficacies of Psycho-Therapy and Gestalt Therapy formed a side show during the fall and decline of a group of people with high expectations. The side show of course was far more relevant. Long before you ever associated a dragon with junk you may have been impressed by other renditions of them. Many probably Chinese where a dragon chases away evil. Those luggheads in the 'Demonize Opium Corp' made a big mistake there i hope. As far as Gestalt goes it would be interesting for you to try and recall the mood you are feeling when you are in the house, for example. Perhaps try to recollect the feeling experienced just prior the the dragon approaching. What clothes are you wearing?
The oldest cultures on earth put more credibility in dreams than any religion possibly because they have more time to sit around thinking about them. More like the need never arose. Gestalt is a refreshing look at how to elucidate what our mind isn't screaming in our face.
This is a good start:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gestalt_therapy

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Without the substances which do such a good job of suppressing dreams or at least my memory of them i wake up now with memories of a vivid one. As i awake i remember an image where i am crossing a road, a large intersection but no traffic, trying to get to a parked car at least a Km away which is a Peugeot404 of course where i will meet somebody. Carrying a bag of stuff a bit like a bag person i feel as if i have brain damage and stop to see what is in the bag...tinned pineapples? no wonder it was so heavy there are at least 4 or 5 of them and other stuff, i focus on a small, black Swiss Army knife that i wore around my neck the second time in the Interzone and lost it to pilfering bureaucrats during deportation. After i awake i try testing the brain damage by attempting unsuccessfully to remember which movie i was watching as i fell asleep. Predictably it turned out to be Naked Lunch.

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I really should do something about my metro intake. For at least a fortnight i have been drug free, except for my high daily dose of methadone i haven't had any drugs at all which is a change but the metro makes me so lazy. I can lay about all day doing absolutely nothing, not even a walk along the beach. I do read but am continually nodding off at my book and i watch a lot of downloaded material but again i often nod off sometimes up to a couple of hours. At first i was excusing the behaviour as an experiment to see how much money i could save from my pension over two weeks which amounts to nearly $200. Not bad i should keep it up but as a lifestyle it must be all wrong. The dreams are so good though i am finding it truly seductive. Just now i awoke from a nap with a dream fresh in my head where i was looking at the Usage Tracker and saw that somebody had entered the excuse 'an act of insouciance'. Thanks to dictionary.com i immediately looked up the word, i really had no idea as to its definition, and found my best reason yet for taking a drug then polished off the rest of my dose.