Goodies and Baddies

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When my intake of opiates is a bit lean i sometimes wake up, assuming i got to sleep, after an active dream state with a head full of ideas. In the past this may have had a lot to do with why i took certain drugs, i'm not really sure coz it never made me worry about where my mind is going. Maybe when the dreams are not resolving anything i prefer they didn't happen but this must be on a subliminal level. Anyway i slept well and woke and decided to download an episode of the Fox series Fringe before reading my book. I finished up going to Wiki to read about the series and found some interesting stuff about the show including a bit about the parallel universes and how they have come to be coded 'red' and 'blue'. How typical of the yanks. In their armed forces on training exercises the goodies are always blue and the baddies are always red. A change from the days before colour when goodies were white and the baddies were black and appropriate for the cold war era. In Fringe, where the shows are set in the original or 'home' universe the introductions have a blue background while those set in the 'other' universe have a red one. Not very original but the producers are trying to satisfy Fox executives after all.

I began thinking about the current state of things in our world where rapid change and a constant state of turmoil seem to be the order of the day. Where are the goodies and where are the baddies in this scenario? I suppose i've been spending an inordinate amount of time on my pc since taking possession of it six months ago, my eyesight and posture can attest to that, but i'm enjoying the insight it is giving me into the nature of the many changes new technology and communications are permitting. The Wiki project for example has taken the bull by the horns in what seems to me a beautiful example of the human collective spirit alloyed with a heightened ability to communicate across boundaries while providing a universal store of information. Facts, knowledge and ideas about every conceivable thing it seems to my limited horizons and it must surely qualify as 'blue' to continue with our earlier coding. Things like You-Tube, Google, Facebook, and many others add to this blossoming of human interaction but don't have such a shiny aura. On the other hand there is the reaction, and it is a reaction, to this growth. Before i had a pc i used to hear on the news broadcasts of Wiki-leaks and how it had unearthed some document/s which shed a damning light on some government or business enterprise that was up to no good. It would do nothing more but others could use this resource to keep these nere do wells on the spot and make life uncomfortable at least, sometimes pulling the rug out but always adding to the growing body of evidence of how thoroughly shonky the status quo is, right up to the top of the military/monetary/cemetary complex.

Recently i saw a post on Facebook calling for volunteers to sift through a mind boggling number of e-mails which Wiki-leaks had acquired. I wondered if this call was to avoid becoming too fine a target for those it was showing up, maybe they don't want to spend their resources on the job, maybe they would like more people to get involved, probably all three it's a collective after all. Anyway it began to dawn on me that after a few years on the frontiers we are now watching 'Control' set up its road blocks lest it lose its grip. With legislation passed in the U.S.A. enabling regulators to shut down websites purportedly to stop internet piracy Control is equipped to nip this flower i've been talking about straight off the stem, lop the whole branch if necessary and you can be sure they are thinking about more important stuff than copyright here. This is the 'red' these days. Fanatics like the Muslim fundamentalists provide a gripping sideshow where the military can invest untold wealth and the monetary collect a massive profit while the cemetary burgeons and massive global corporations strip the resources the planet needs to sustain life but they are human after all and true evil is beyond that.

Control is not a human dynamic, it has gone beyond human enterprise with the impetus it got from world wars and a cold war it is currently beyond comprehension by everybody i think but this is the nature of human existence isn't it. At least now the 'evil' is firmly rooted on earth and earth will, eventually destroy it the bets are now on whether we all go with it and clearly there is no shortage of very clever people prepared to try hard to stop that. I read an article in 'Scientific American' in the 70's about MAD and the arms race and was pleasantly surprised to learn that scientists working to develop nuclear weapons conceived of this Mutually Assured Destruction to avoid a nuclear war ever happening, a beautiful piece of constructed serendipity indeed but the dynamic persists. Meanwhile we still have this new resource at our disposal and it seems vapid to ignore an opportunity to make something of it. Just like Lou said about love - "the possibilities are endless and for me to miss one would seem to be groundless".