Hacked but functioning

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Okay, so I paid teh price for running this site on a Microsoft box.  Last Tuesday a few bots set up user accounts on the site and then proceeded to exploit existing Drupal hoels to take root on the MS box.  Serves me right really.

So teh site will be down for a few days as I wipe the MS install and put a unix flavour on the same box. Better security, and serving is still the raison d'etre for unix, and just a sideline for MS. So hopefully we'll see some other improvements.

It doesn't hurt that I'm doing linux this semester at Uni and having a linux box at home to test on is great...not that i should be testing on a production box...oops. Not enough pc's here, and teh power billl is already half computer.

PS, Day ten clean, I did seven days in Perth in 1995, but I don't think I've ever gone ten before since i got serious about this shite. DOn't mean to boast...but wow.


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The deeper you dig into your Bag of Tricks the more Tricks you will have, the better you can use them until chores can become fun. A lot more fun than a dose of CNS Depressent big enough to kill your big sister administered into some tiny capillary you have managed to find after blindly poking around in your sub-cutaneous fat for half an hour and popping half anyway. "Oh Joy, Joy, Joy, I found one" was the thought when you saw red on the jack say Simpy.


Silliness aside, it is remarkable how thoroughly fascination banishes time. Usually more rewarding, perhaps not financially but many of the most valuable things in life can't be bought while we spend so much time and money on pursuits that provide quick and transitory gratifacation.


At the risk of sounding like a sermon it comes down to the Human Condition   where people are tempted by gratification and tempered by some notion of self-interest or altruism. One thing I have observed over thirty years is that my need for gear seems related to my need to adapt quickly, a new environment, a new routine, new problems or different opportunities can make a difference to how I experience withdrawals but I have only two methods of easily overcoming Jonesy at his own game and both are either undignified or rather messy.