It's that time of the month....

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when the legalities of treatment for opiate addiction demand that I provide a script (prescription) for either Methadone, Biodone, Subutext or Suboxone to cover me for the coming month. "So?" I hear myself ask. Well to be frank, as in the girl who kept a diary of her time in a cupboard during the Nazi occupation of her country, it has been so long since I made a blog entry that I feel it incumbent upon me to maintain continuity. This is a construct of my own subjective notions and have nothing to do with the nature of blogging or the wider Collective Intelligence.


Of pertinence is the reason for this hiatus and I have been trying to distil the cause during this absence. I still maintain that absence is not a bad thing as long as it serves some purpose and always mindful of the danger of blogging out of a sense of obligation, something like a Catholic who feels obliged to go to confession even tho' they lost their faith when they developed the faculty of critical thought or at least got clear of those sadistic Nuns.

It's just as well to nominate the obvious and mention how the use of Benzos are capable of reducing the individual to a 'stiff in waiting'. In this context "stiff" is used in the popular sense of the word i.e. 'a cadaver', as opposed to the criminal slang i.e. ' someone who may as well be a cadaver given their inability to function outside the legally and socially sanctioned forms of behavior'. Far be it that one should risk their 'straight life' or their all important obligation to maintain accepted social conventions. As if they have more than one life and the bulk of one's time and attention is devoted to something as contrary to their interests as working for Control, as a prison screw, a cop, a teacher in some monolithic institution not unlike a prison or some other similarly monolithic institution that supposes an army of bureaucrats should censure the prescribing behavior of qualified professionals all in the interests of maintaining favored nation status with Uncle Sam and winning the War on Drugs..


It is important to note here that the desire for a stable home life including a family provides an acceptable reason for making oneself dependent on a 'straight life' but when the 'straight life' is a strategy to keep the bucks rolling in for no better reason than to maintain a constant, or as near as possible as such types can imagine, source of junk then this is Jonesy talking pure and simple. Those prepared to overlook this blatant fact are apt to accept the most ludicrous falsehoods, lame excuses and misrepresentations to the extent that they eventually feel comfortable perpetrating the same ignorance demanded by the 'straight life' of those who can't say "My family is top priority and my kids healthy growth and development costs the Earth". 


Naturally junkies only rarely have this excuse open to them when they have sufficient inherited wealth or sufficient imagination, luck and aptitude to use their own theorem successfully.