Joy, Joy, Joy

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With the state of the site being a complete mystery I had become somewhat perturbed however I am a man of faith which has again been rewarded. The Tracker can go through another simple trial.


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Yes, just underestimating the work involved in moving from a Windows world to a *nix world.  Bringing back fond memories of zzz days, everything command line driven, no GUIs, wizards or applets to assist.  Just trawling through documents, signing up to various 'misc' *nix mailing-lists and getting help from gals in Slovakia. Thanks Liviu, not Livia. [Let me know what doesn't work - there will be too much security in some places, e.g. file uploading], so just notify me if you see anything.]

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Those were different different times, Doug pushing for Unix while others with inklings of an on-coming evolutionary development perhaps or was it so they could play computer games instead of working on the Station. As a total novice I used to have a notebook with all the command strings while now I have a bigger book with certain brief details about web-sites. 


Conservative perhaps but not quite a Luddite.