Junk in the time of covid

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I haven't heard so many junkies talk about quitting in years. There's no surer sign of low quality than hearing such utterances daily.

For me, it's a perfectly normal day if I used three times, each from a different dealer. I cycle through them, convincing myself that their last shite packet was just bad luck.  The other day, I say young T, who has the same crud (low quality) every day, but he delivers, and he delivers on credit until my payday. Getting tick (credit) is often in exchange for quality or some other aspect of the deal.

At lunch, I saw a cook, who derives from codeine and morphine constantly.  Dealing with him is a bit harsh, paranoid of communications devices, and physically located in a bad spot for such a trade...I am not a fan of returning here, but the gear is often the only sure thing - if you don't mind buying from someone whose hands are crusted in their own blood,a s they usually spend a chunk of each day digging for veins in their had iwth the new Biala 'forbys' - 'By junkies, for junkies'.  I got hep C by trusting a dealer, now it's not so much trust, but lack of choice. I want egar, I buy from a man covered in blood.

As work winds up, the best choice has often got on by now - it takes hima ll day at present...I drive to near my father's house and hand over a third $100 or $120 for the day, and get the third choice of packaging - freezer bag at 4am, brown bottle at lunch and now a snaplock.

In there of course, I have drunk some metro, or more often than not, just skipped it completely, as with so much gear being bought, it does have some impact minimising my need for metro.

It's all messy. People say upstream dealers are just profiting from the covid situation. Who knows how gear comes in...in shipping containers packed amongst chilis, or bag by bag in diplomatic pouches and pilot's carry on luggage.  My 4am guy is selling at $1000 a gram, which emans an effective milion dollars for every kilo that slips past the borders. And if it's cut 50% perhaps, that's $2million per k of quality gear.  strong incentive at every step in the process.

Sometimes it does seem the world can change, and maybe I should be pushing for my life to be freed from this rigmarole of addictive poverty.  I know that the opinion I perceive for my kind is possibly wrong, perhaps society doesn't see us as the scumbags we were told we were in teh early 90s.

If change doesn't come, I know that stopping work means stopping living. There's my incentive for change.