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Prozac Nation

Director: Erik Skjoldbjærg


added by sayarsan on 24th Sep, 2014
The movie is an account of a girl off to a promising start with a scholarship to study writing at Harvard where she decides to start a music column in the student paper. This leads to a boost in the form of an... more


Director: Aleksei Balabanov


added by felix on 15th Sep, 2014
Wiki - "The film takes place in the early 20th century. A young Russian doctor called Mikhail Polyakov (Leonid Bichevin) arrives at a small hospital in a remote village. Having freshly graduated from medical... more

Life Keith Richards

Author:Keith Richards with James Fox


added by sayarsan on 10th Jul, 2014
So the front cover of the edition I read goes while the spine has 'Keith Richards Life', since mine comes from the library a catalogue sticker covers the word 'Life' on the spine. All that is... more

Burma in Revolt; Opium and Insurgency Since 1948

Author:Bertil Lintner


added by sayarsan on 24th Dec, 2013
This is perhaps the most authoritative and useful books on the subjects of insurgency and the drug trade in Burma. At over 500 pages including 5 Appendices and complete with index, bibliography, maps, time... more

Thrash Unreal

Written by:Gabel, Thomas James


Performed by:Against Me!
Off:New Wave
added by felix on 18th Jul, 2013
You get mixed up with the wrong guys.  You get messed up on the wrong drugs.  Sometimes the party takes you places that you didn’t really plan on going.  When people see the track marks... more

tao te ching

Author:Stephen Mitchell (translator)


added by sayarsan on 26th Nov, 2012
The Tao Te Ching (pron. daodeching) is upwards of 2,500 years old and the identity of the author has never been established with any veracity. As much an eternal mystery as an eternal font of humour, good... more


Director: Nicolas Winding Refn


added by felix on 31st Oct, 2012
At last, a movie that deals with the low level heroin business in a non-glamourised, fairly realistic fashion. I'm amazed that when I watched this film I realised it hadn't been done successfully... more

Dancing Barefoot

Written by:Patti Smith


Performed by:Patti Smith
added by felix on 29th Sep, 2012
There has to be something for the concept of subliminal messages. Well, perhaps it's more simply put as associations.  For instance, My partner and I just scored, on this wet rainy Brisvegas night. I... more

The Hunt for Khun Sa

Author:Ron Felber


added by sayarsan on 17th Jul, 2012
Who better to review a book about the hunt for Khun Sa than one of the men who was there, published in SHAN Drug Watch. The Hunt for Khun Sa: Drug Lord of the Golden Triangle, Ron Felber, Trine Day LLC,... more

Samson and Delilah (2009)

Director: Warwick Thornton


added by sayarsan on 13th Jul, 2012
Samson and Delilah is set in a tiny, remote outback settlement with a few houses and a store. He is a teenager living with his brothers in a house where the only thing to do is play reggae on the verandah.... more