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The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross

Author:Allegro John M.


added by sayarsan on 20th Mar, 2012
The book was first published in 1970 but the author had written a couple of books on the Dead Sea Scrolls previously since he was on the team of scholars which first studied them until he had a falling out.... more

Love and Addiction

Author:Stanton Peele, Archie Brodsky


added by sayarsan on 18th Feb, 2012
Stanton Peele with Archie Brodsky ©1975, 1991 by Stanton Peele and Archie Brodsky Reprinted with permission from Taplinger Publishing Co., Inc. ISBN # 0-8008-5041-6 I read this book not long after it... more

Naked Lunch

Author:Burroughs, William


added by felix on 15th Feb, 2012
A classic novel of the Twentieth Century. Challenges reality, queries the dominant culture of its time, and is confronting today, over half a century later, as it was when published. The reader follows the... more