A long weekend

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It's 9 as i get up to answer the door and it's MT apologizing profusely for not sending me a txt, first warning. She shrinks from my annoyance with her, second warning. I'm getting the feeling i'm being played as i apologise and she starts to get a bit weepy. I apologise and offer to make a cup of hot chocolate and then, "i just wanted to see if i could get a bud until Monday?", strike three. I sit down and have a drink and a few cones and listen to MT as she talks about her need for anti- depressants. Tone, her beau, seems to be giving her a hard time "I don't think they work on that teary feeling, sometimes it's not that bad" i tell her and then it's time for her to get the bus home.

It would be a lot more charitable to see it as a visit, all too brief, from a neighbour and a quick chat. I'm probably resenting the brevity of the visit, i don't begrudge her a smoke under the circumstances. I told her i don't expect much more than to at least humor me and she does.


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support service that is offered by certain dealers, offering much more than just the drug for sale. Yet another ignored aspect of the using community.

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MT has always been a good customer, a bit of extra drama occasionally but with a bloke like hers maybe it's no surprise (wonder how often somebody has used me like that). Tony her Beau is such an untrustworthy bastard he assumes everyone is ripping him off and can't score $20 of pot without a problem of some sort; too early, too late, not enough money, no money and "more credit", forget the please whereas MT knocked on my door, a complete stranger and introduced herself and was scoring regularly on credit and never let me down for over a year. I'm no longer dealing but there is a demonstrated loyalty that deserves some reciprocity for its existence alone. I've gotten less off some who've been friends for decades.