New fangled gadgets

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Computers, microprocessors, associated tech and just about anything that can be marketed as "new technology" to all those consumers who are so eager to buy their way out of boredom have plenty to offer but from my brief experience it presupposes that a person has a reasonably clear idea of what they want to get from this new technology. Since first being kitted out with a basic PC which i have added to since with extra bits of tech i've been having an interesting time on a steep learning curve coming to grips with the possibilities this stuff opens up but ever mindful of the endless opportunities it provides for a fool and its money to be easily parted.

Recently i have had the opportunity to see just how much difference this stuff makes to my behaviour when confronted with one of those things in life that are truly sent to try us. Although i had been developing a routine of doing a certain amount of work on the PC and trying to increase the amount of time spent, once confronted with something that would in the past start off a predictable behaviour pattern involving prolific poly drug abuse i notice that my behaviour has been comparatively very moderate in this respect. Maybe age has something to do with it, maybe the circumstances have been different enough to allow for a more sensible response.

The strange thing i have noticed is that i have been neglecting all the new digital technology which is readily available and found myself concentrating concentrating again on the analogue computers i have always used in the past. It could simply be the result of a brain that seeks diversion, solace, distraction in that which is more familiar I find myself wondering just how far people will go to make more time and space for new technology at the expense of technology which has been around for millennia and lacks none of the complexity, versatility and rewards of the recent inventions. An obvious example is the elegant use of mathematics applied to tonal intervals in music say compared with elucidating a problem stemming from the likes of computer code. Perhaps there are some of us who have an innate proclivity for one over the other but i prefer the notion that innate proclivities develop according to the circumstances.