Possible logic flaw, help needed.

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So, I have this job okay, it's not a nice job. But this job earns me enough money to be able to buy the quantity of illegal drugs that I need in order to be able to cope with my job.

Now, it feels like there's a problem with that sentence, and yet it's self-contained and all encompassing, so maybe it's okay. Maybe it's a zen haiku? Maybe I am needlessly worrying?


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All by itself it does have a zen/poetic charm to it so maybe you should just leave it there, I'm pretty certain heaps of people do. To say that you are coping with your job implies you have all the bases covered which are necessary before you can cope with the job e.g. hundreds of dollars of illegal drugs, a place to live, transport, food, hygiene, and the gal of course. Many can't even cope with one of the above so i feel certain it's needless worrying but a nice line of prose just the same.

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It's like an old Scottish Grandmother who cannot stop worrying. It never stops coming back to challenge the simple logic that sits so nicely. Eventually one reaches the point where the prospects of any real employment are so remote that you have no choice in the matter and shudder at all that materialism associated with being a consumer in an oil-based economy. This might be a bit far from your comfort zone to suit your liking. The drugs are used for more than just going to work so we can comfortably delude ourselves that arbeit macht frei which is another unshakeable foundation of the logic, but only for as long as you are in fact becoming steadily more free. This is where the necessity for truly creative work comes in, the sort that rarely if ever covers its own costs. As long as you can demonstrate to your self and one or two others that this is not a delusion that's an end to it for now. So often i would become truly worried about this particular ruse of logic, sometimes to the point of agitation to which someone sensible would say "you think too much, mai pen lai!" It's easy for them because their lives produce few prospects for choice much less real change. This is rarely challenged in a military dictatorship so future generations may be spared this intriguing little time waster all together.

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When the crunch comes there is always a wave of uncertainty that threatens our traction, we lose our grip so to speak and this happens when jonesy or junk logic is threatened just as we do when any cornerstone of our sanity begins to look really shakey.

Junk has the ability to latch on to a life and influence it. In the softheaded this is often terminal. The ability to develop such a huge tolerance in so short a time is in itself staggering. Over long periods of ruling the roost when it comes to our priorities, any sudden threat to this supremacy can cause a loss of traction, or grip.

Turn over the priorities and something upsets the apple cart. If there's one thing that junk is truly terrified of it is committment. It's all anyone ever needs to kick and jonesy doesn't tolerate it too well at all. Whenever there's any real need for it most junkys scratch their nose and change the subject.