The Same Goes With Egos

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Like an abscess, once the infection is introduced it will run its course until resolution is reached. A prick of the skin lets in some pathogen which the body detects as intrusive and quickly enough a train of events is set in place which will soon have the offending pathogen/s washed out in a flood of hemo-serous fluid commonly called pus.
Such is the normal run of events but occasions arise when the infection is more deep seated and the response can go awry. The same pathogen introduced to a depth will set up the same response only instead of the offending pathogen being washed out at the surface the fluid seeks a path of least resistance and sometimes finds its way deeper into the surrounding tissue, a channel through which a vein, artery and nerve usually run is a convenient route and the infection finds its way down to where it can do some really spectacular damage and if unchecked will kill the organism through septicemia.
The same goes with egos which are a natural enough hangover like an appendix or baby teeth which served a purpose and were discarded because they are problematic or no longer needed. If a person is unfortunate enough to be left with a troublesome ego it will commonly go largely unchecked until the inflammation makes its presence obvious and often it becomes chronic and sometimes persists as a life-long affliction. The normal course of events is one of exposure, inflammation, expression and healing.
Sometimes an ego is the same, running a course in childhood only to be dealt with in the normal fashion and leaving the afflicted with a life-long immunity. At school the ego is problematic because of their concentration amongst a compact crowd of annoyed, bored or indifferent individuals but the organism is a robust entity and people emerge feeling often much worse than they really are and the usual course of events means that adult life will find little use for an ego so it soon enough recedes and is forgotten.
Stroking the ego will produce feelings of satisfaction and reinforcement and serves well to placate the individual feeling their ego become inflamed. Such an approach works well until it erupts and becomes messy which like the abcess is a normal course which will heal itself in time. It is when the problem has persisted well into adulthood  without resolution and without expression  that the spectacular problems arise.
For most a pimple or acne like problem which is superficial and transitory, in some the ego can become spectacularly inflamed until like a balloon they are distended, hot, pulsing, burning and ready to burst in an often spectacular but always entertaining fashion. In a society which loves nothing more than a spectacle these florid displays are often tolerated and in many cases rewarded handsomely as people stroke it with extended arms and fingers, a bit like stroking a wild animal at the zoo through the bars. The timid and frightened who are fascinated by these exotic displays feel themselves aroused as they flirt with danger and feel an affinity with the creature as long as it is behind bars. The wild variety is deadly, so they imagine in their flirtations.
Zoos and circuses where they entertain the public with their displays, thoroughly perverted by the nature of their neon surroundings until their behaviour reveals them as freaks are a fitting place for these people. We no longer see tired old circus acts doing the rounds of the country side but there are new varieties in the entertainment industry ready to satisfy the needs of the crowd. Some are truly ingenious others the work of a group which has honed their skills to a peak of perfection until that is spectacular in itself. Such is the nature of the modern Cirques and cabarets where those at the peak can live well and enjoy their work. For the less critcal audience there are always the sideshow acts where a tired routine is flogged like a cruel peasant flogs a lame animal.
The end for such unfortunate creatures is predictable enough  once it has lost all value as a spectacle and is something to be avoided by onlookers who feel the animal desrves some privacy after all. What a sad fate to befall a creature so dependant on the continual short term gratification that comes as an occupational hazzard in such a life. All for the ultimate reward which is nothing more than a giant wage packet at the end to finance their obscurity. Done well the rewards are far more substantial but this is where we begin to look at qualities derived from beyond the ego not as a consequence.
The truly fortunate are those who were never troubled by an ego but this is rare enough to rank as a condition in itself worthy of note. More commonly we do with the rewards which in youth can be as cheap as a kind thanks in return for good work, an expression of delight at something achieved which is noteworthy, good marks are an objective stroke which, like good work always stands alone. Rare occasions under the spotlight frighten some but have an opposite effect on others. As previosly stated, by the end of childhood the ego, having served a purpose will usually drop off.
So it is at the end of childhood, somewhere between the ages of 18 and 35 in modern western types but closer to 12 in the rest of the world when egos which fail to drop off in the daily rough and tumble of life and its contingencies are most prone to becoming disfunctional. An opportunity at the end of childhood for some harmless fun can be extended long into adulthood where it is thoroughly unseemly unless it is attached to a pre-existing framework such as the work or particular talents which give the package real value. Remove this and we have something like an abscess but the pus accumulates in what has become a very tiny part of the whole commomnly called the soul, in these cases it is a vestige which acts as an irritant and filled with pus is far more uncomfortable. Once the soul is perceived as excess baggage so do all other valuable accoutrements like children and lovers and these are sacrificed for the convenience of a few sycophants who are easily impressed by vacuous displays.
So disfunctional is such a condition that societies and cultures have usually, if not always, developed something to check its development. Initiation ceremonies involving gory scarification, disfigurement and extremes of endurance are an excellent example, so spectacular as rituals the ego is essentially obliterated in the whole. More civilised groups have codified things and stylized practices to a greater or lesser degree but the template persists. Any society which has tolerated childhood extending so late into life is going to produce spectacular results and they do abound.
Sex play in a borrowed car is not spontaneous fun but an attempt to annoy the owner of the car in a circle of friends where they sleep with all and sundry as a form of manipulation, very dirty dancing indeed and not far removed from the sexual assault which is passed off as foreplay or more likely, a hope that it might enlist a response of the same in return so the hapless fool can then be demonised as a pig or worse. With young girls in the family the risks of demonisation are scary once they have primed a few sycophants with a tale of despicable acts.
Jealousy becomes a distinguishing feature in cases of that nature. Outsiders are never welcome until they have proven they have sufficient currency which invariably adds up to the desired means of short term gratification. They soon begin to resemble a gang or club, a fan club in fact where the members are all their dearest friends.
The truly sad ones are those who have failed to negotiate the transition ultimately taking a very frightened and lonely child to the grave with them. Those with children run a very real risk of losing them through dissaffection or worse, a rather apt punishment for a life spent inflicting a bossy frump on those unwitting enough to get close, uncritical enough to fail to recognise the vamp for what it is.
At the end after a life where the childhood problem has never been resolved is the fear of a child, its first memory being the first time it faced death, if not in fact then in the imagination. Having failed the main lesson in life, which is how to face death, the afflicted is bereft in a world of whatever substitutes they can afford as distractions from that which is becoming unavoidable, a time where a clean soul is the most priceless thing in the universe.