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Since first coming across the word i have never seen or heard a definition for it. Since i saw the change in my personal usage chart since a category for morphine became available i realized just what a wonderful job of work we might be doing for 'schnarbs'. When only a few people use the tracker an individual is obvious moreso than when many use it. After experiencing how directly the State targeted any group that looked like being a nuisance by Joh's schnarbs we are asking for it big time. Hopefully the scale of the internet will allow us to be small fish in a big sea but how much can we assume in this regard?


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This is always a possibility and I don't want to discount it out of hand.
We need to balance the fear of censure against the benefit that collating such data can gain.
To look at the fear of censure - the first point I make is that there is no compulsion to record data here. Only do so if you feel comfortable doing so. Secondly, you can create an account under any name you like. There's nothing online to suggest your real name. Yes, you need to provide an email address when setting up an account, but this can be a one-off throwaway hotmail address if you like. The site at present does not need the email address to be an ongoing active account. Thirdly self-incrimination - Different locales have different law as regarding usage, but in the home state of this website there is no law against self administration. So know your local legal framework, and don't commit to the web anything that may challenge that law, if it worries you. But for people using the site in its home state, even in the worst possible case of total subordination of the web server by a judicial entity, what do they see that they do not know already? That an aliased name states that they have consumed an amount of a substance that may be illegal. It's all past tense. It's happened. There's nothing to prosecute on, even if they somehow tracked a user back through email accounts, what can they do? Most users who may use this site have been using for a while. So if the police finally work out that X took Y on date what? Does that really tell them anything more about X than they already knew? Do you really think law enforcers believe in rehabilitation for someone that may already have been prosecuted several times in their life?

And now for the benefits. These are a bit harder to state, as this is a new concept (which in itself merits it worthy of attention, in my view). No, not a new concept in that keeping records of usages is as old as the hills, but a public sharing of the data? An ability to see how others handle something you may struggle with? An opportunity to look back at your habits critically and scientifically, to see where you may have slipped into a habit rather than just having had a weekend of over-indulging. Stripped free of foggy memory and denial, the data stands by itself. Plus the use of your data to a health provider, if you so desire to share it with them. Who hasn't gotten sick of the routine quarterly methadone interview where the doctor asks you "So, you've been good? You haven't been using?", weighting the question morally from the outset, not wanting a truthful admission but rather they just want you to play the game of pretending methadone is the cure, rather than just another crutch.

And finally, I can give my word that I will not knowingly hand over your data to any law enforcers. While the facebooks of the world may well have had to get into bed with every dirty little police racket in the global village so as to branch out, I don't have such a size or revenue base that brings the requirement for collaboration with it. They want the data, they can have it. Once they've decriminalised each and every substance.

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Since the addition of morphine to the tracker i find it does wonders for my self esteem when i can put the value of my dose at $1/mg but i can remember when i was a school kid and thought it would be cool to have a strike at our school. Actually it was someone else's idea but i got expelled for it and then when the radical group i hooked up with helped us organise a few city wide campaigns handing out leaflets at major high schools we began to attract attention. Our supreme achievement in this field was a broadsheet newsprint size foldout with cartoons etc. which was done to some tens of thousands of copies and systematically distributed, by us, to as many schools as we could get too. It was heaps of fun coz these dickhead teachers would talk to us like school kids and we'd say "Get fucked!" and when they went to grab us we'd tell them to "Fuck off or i'll charge you with assault!" it was hilarious and all the kids watching thought so. When we got to Churchie (YES) however, there were a few cop cars waiting around the corner to swoop in as soon as we started distribution. One of our number whose car had provided transport had pethidine ampoules and syringes planted in his glove box and charged with drug offences. Pethidine and syringes were a dirty blue in '72 but this fellow never took any drugs (a very pure revolutionary) and beat it. The point being the tall poppy syndrome i suppose. Apart from being the best poppies they serve as an analogy to anything that becomes obvious worse still annoying to Control.