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so saw this shit about this encoded website called silk road where u can apparently purchase your pick of illicit substances.. tried to find it. not an easy find on google . but there was the original news article taht lead to it getting on tv. so u have to download this browser package called TOR which encodes all incoming and outgoing traffic... it got a bit complicated at that point. they use regular mail. the journalist who tried it got his delivery.. so has anyone tried it looked for it. why do i even care. can't take drugs at the moment anyway? still would be so nice to not have to deal with anything beyond the mailman...


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Our mutual friend, without naming names, ah,the one who had a son last year? Anwyay, he has used or does use Tor, tells me about it, wants me to push this site through it for perfect immunity. As far as I have read Tor is not for web page delivery but rather it's only for web page consumption.
Not a new idea - this Chrome browser has its little 'New incognito window', a page that lets you view pages without keeping a record, creating cookies or any of those other things that have evolved with the web - some would say they're there to make your 'online experience' better, others say it's a sinister mechanism for tracking your web-presence. I've written code myself for sites that creates cookies, so I guess I lean more towards the 'make your experience better' argument, but certainly they could be used for monitoring behaviour, if you had the inclination and resources, which I guess governments often do.
Regarding online drugs - I have had no experience myself, but the government tells us they are all scams. They refer mainly to legal drugs that require scripts (benzos, painkillers) in this article but then you would expect the government to say that wouldn't you. They're hardly going to say 'yes this is a great way to avoid all our expensive dispensing and regulatory systems' are they?
As the pope asks, does anyone out there have experience using these sites?

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Means 'shit' in Thai so beware.

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Talking to a friend got me to this site which sheds more light on this not so new idea. It is beginning to look reminiscent of a sly Chinese bank that's been at it for 2,000 years without records or leaving a trace but gives better service than Barclays. Here's a tutorial about the Silk Road Anonymous Market Place.
Another one that may interest anyone with too much hard drive space, Bitcoin mining might defray some living expenses.