This site now LIVE!

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One small step for a junkie....around 7 or 8pm last night (which was Sunday June 15th), I FTP'd across another folder full of files I'd forgotten were unique to this blend of Drupal.
I then clicked 'Refresh', or hit F5, ready to tackle the next set of problems I'd not anticipated.
Instead of an error page, my beloved unstyled and styleless 'junkie_test' page popped up!
Very unexpected. The last migration, a local move from a home Windows XP serving box to another home OpenBSD server took 20 days, and with that I'd planned and mapped each step in detail.
I know there are obvious conclusions around planning and plotting that can be drawn here... God laughs when men make plans, etc.

Nonetheless, it's well overdue. And I have to give a major thanks to Pedro, who did 100% of the user testing, gave invaluable feedback and generally kept the site going when I thought otherwise.

One of the major reasons I have migrated this site to online may seem paradoxical. But I can modify, edit and generally test any changes to this site with much greater ease if that site is located thousands of kilometres away than when the site is hosted in a box right behind my back.
I don't want the *nix groupies to bash me, I hope they understand that my issues using an OpenBSD box were more around a lack of tools to interact with the server than any particular shortcoming of the server...With me doing all my dev on a Windows 8 machine, getting modified files across to an OpenBSD machine was getting ridiculous. The last practice I was using (just a few days ago) was to have an Oracle virtual Ubuntu machine fired up - I'd been able to mount a share between it and my OpenBSD machine. And then a separate share from Ubuntu to W8.
So I would save my edited .php file in a special shared location, fire up VirtualBox, drag the edited file into the BSD shared folder, then puTTy into BSD and move the file from there to the htdocs subdirectory that was its final destination.
Sometimes I would use vi to edit a file in place on the BSD machine. But anything that involved wholesale folder movements was a task for Windows.
Anyway, it's all done. I now awaken with a screenshot like this - a thousand spam accounts trying to get set up on my site each night. And I need to trawl them all for any possibly legit ones. Maybe I should add CAPTCHA before I get the email...


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A plattitude that seems appropriate here at least with a different take on an old chore. I hope adding CAPTCHA is a simple affair. It should be considering how much it gets used. 


As for going public I wish it could have been postponed to 8:00am on the eighth of August purely for arcane reasons but I firmly believe that the passing of the second millenium in the Gregorian Calendar is no reason to assume that all hocus-pocus is meaningless.


Personally I eagerly look forward to contributions from people who have any material they feel suitable to the site. Make of the site what you can and be sure to check out the  'Usage Tracker'.