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There's a Doc around here who croaked like a bullfrog in the wet season until he lost his licence to prescribe, which he is contesting, when I have worked up a monstrous 7 Xanax/day habit. So seductive they're despicable.


He did pay attention to my health by sending me off for all sorts of tests and scans, one of which revealed osteoporosis. He put me on one medicine which is a hormone strategy which made me feel worse than Seraquel so he gave me Strontium Ranelate


As I was withdrawing for days just getting back to a substantial valium intake my feet are filling up with fluid at an alarming rate. I kicked the bulk of 'physiological' as opposed to 'psychoactive' drugs and the fluid is gone now which is good coz they can get a vein for the blood tests now.


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Sorry to hear of your osteoporosis.  Any idea of its source - genetic, diet or siomething else?  So you're at risk of fracture?

I wasn't sure which doc sent you off for the tests - was it the old croaker (but I think not, as you said he's lost the licence to prescribe) or is it the new doc on the block? Funny how my mind pictires a young man as your doctor, although she could just as easily be in her mid seventies.

And 7 Xanax a day....nasty.  Makes me glad to be out of the illegal dependence gig.  It's bad enough being on metro, the cycle wherein you're bound to at least these three parties, tell me if I've missed someone/something:

  • Prescribing doctor
  • Dispensing chemist
  • Qld Health

It may not sound like much to be bound up to those three entities, but if you'vehad a metro habit for a few years, and had some close shaves (Doctors on holidays in Terra del Fuego, chenists with bees in bonnets or just plain old bureaucratic incompetence) you realise that the whole 'attend work and carry on calmly' routine that you've refined over the last decade or three is just another sham, able to be ripped out from under your feet overnight.

All I need is for a bureaucrat I've never met to decide I should have less takeaways, a different chemist or even a new doctor, and I can forget my job.With no car I'd have trouble getting to one of the few pick-up zones offered by chemists, during their working hours

Nonetheless I'm happier being at the beck and call of bureaucrats and muddling medics than waking each day knowing that a man of foreign descent running out of luck and being arrested would throw you back into the whirlpool mixer of street scoring and rip-off merchants.

I'm blabbing on, post-shot of course, but I meant to say: "Xanax is a fiendish compound". And seven a day of those blighters is hard to comprehend. I took a quarter of one on occasion and felt its power. And I know how loathe to write most doctors are nowadays, so I think there'd be a parallel to the situation of having your dealer demoted/disbanded/discombobulated.

Good luck with your bones, man.  They're kind of an underlying framework for your whole body!

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I guess there's no need for me to inform a man of your education about the whole "Strontium Ranelate/increased risk of myocardial infarction" issue. If it was prescribed, the doc must have weighed up the risks vs return

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Thanks for the tip about strontium. My liver and kidneys have enough troubles already.

12.5mg valium/day now and feeling like a convalescent. I force myself to eat with virtually no appetite I buy food but can't eat. It was at a moment like this that I found out about the croaker and knew exactly what I was doing, that his ability to prescribe must be getting tenuous and I was running out of chemists to fill the scripts. What a sucker I am. It's familiar territory and I do know better but with a neighbor upstairs who is given to talking to the sky, loud enough for the clouds to hear and half a xanax could make him seem irrlevant, half becomes one becomes....Next Monday I can get a script for valium off the only doctor I have any real respect for and is strict about only giving a script per month. By then I will have things under some control, by then it will be a week without and even now I can feel 2.5mg.


It was the clinic which told me about the bone thing after I had a chest x-ray, no cancer but a couple of vertebrae were showing small fractures. I mentioned this to the croaker who sent me for a bone density scan and a blood test to determine hormone levels. First I tried a hormone replacement which made me feel strangely unpleasant so I went for the strontium which is a way to get the body to absorb more calcium but made my kidneys ache and my ankles were so full of fluid that one sprang a leak.


I have found a private shrink about 100m away who bulk-bills and caters for drug addicts. He prescribed me valium but I only get 25 at a time to last a week which is okay but he's gone on holiday for a month and I'm allready missing the routine health checks the clinic was always doing. He hasn't liberalised my methadone regimen at all but in time he might loossen up.


One thing I am regretting is that I didn't record all this on the 'Usage Tracker' except because I had too many drugs on the page I can't get at the icon/button to go to the timeline. I used alcohol as a substitute but it didn't seem right. I toyed with the idea of creating another account under another name specifically for the task but didn't get it together. Blame the xanax.


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'Short' is a relative term but I can get by on 10mg valium/day now and I'm no longer eating substantial (1.5g/day) amounts of cannabis which must be cooked in butter or oil. I was using butter which explains the poor appetite. People with ulceration in the stomach should substitute olive oil or canola but for now I'm abstaining from eating the stuff.

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So no Xanax? Thats good.  I was reading the NSW Users Association Mag, cheekily (pretensiously?) titled UN (Users News), and they mentioned 2 big sites for users. Totally dwarfing this site - drugs-forum and Russia's bluelight...but there was a bigger site,r ecently shut down, that was using a three-person setup to try to bypass drug laws - one (independent, trusted) person receives cash and gear, then passes on when both parties are happy...

Yes, I knwo, how does that get around the possession rap for the trusted party? I don't know...and the same article mentioned the arrest of the site registrar, but at least people are trying...

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I still can't get over what a sap I am. Every step of the way my eyes wide open. As much as I am astounded by the seduction process I am also amazed at the effort for such a sap to crawl out of a habit. Not that I had any choice. I have a private shrink (Hindu, his wife is a GP who wrote my referral) who I have seen twice in a couple of months. This week I was down to 5mg Valium/day and I couldn't get my methadone script renewed which was going to leave me dry on the weekend and no Valium had me a fair nervous wreck. When I did finally get a response he gave me 10mg/day of Valium. One of the main reasons why I went to him is because he has a practice in my street but he injured his leg after being on holidays for a month and is only practicing out at Strathpine because he has to negotiate a flight of stairs over here. Jesus wept. The guy upstairs is raving at the moon and everything is groovy!!!!

The site that is attempting to  arrange a set-up to get around drug laws sounds like a good thing.