Suboxone Film

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I'm just back from my weekly visit to my chemist, picking up my six takeaways.  A sign on the methadone counter tells all customers that they have to move off Suboxone tablets and on to Suboxone Film by 1/9/13. I remember when they moved everyone from Subutex to Suboxone, due to 'misuse' of Suboxone. Seems they're doing a similar thing now, although the chemist tells me it's because the Suboxone tablets had a nasty foaming side-effect? I've never used Suboxone, so I don't know much about it and side effects, but I do know that you could get $800 for a 50 box in prison not too long ago. 

Anyone out there with any information on Suboxone or the Film replacement, and why there's been a shift? Here's some info from the manufacturer's point of view.

Can anyone tell me if they've experienced an 'evolved patient experience' with it? It's a term I understand, but feels more suited to health treatments that don't treat the user like a criminal and  get lowest funding priority...maybe the sexier diseases/syndromes like Autusm or SIDS.

(My chemist used the opportunity to suggest that I get down to 30mg of methadone so I could move to Suboxone. I relayed to her my decade old story about the precipitated withdrawal twenty minutes after having 6mg of Temgesic back in 1999, but I guess i should get over that.)