Thank you gear, thank you metro, thank you valium

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Just a quick note of thanks to these three true Santa's little helpers. Gear covered me on the morning shift, from the 7am shot that got me through breakfast with a predictably red-eyed and morose father, his first Christmas in near half a century without his wife.
Then metro did the lions share, as it oft does, from 11am to evening, visiting partners' family, long drives and small talk. Valium popped in to stretch that shift into morphia- the sleep, not the drug.
Driving back from Mt Tambourine I heard clunking noises come from the transmission, my first thought was not 'do I have the cash for a tow' (which of course I didn't) but instead 'do I have drugs on me to allow me to sit roadside contemplating my failings...' - which I did. So the noise abated and I never rose past 2.4 on the felix worry-meter.
Life does not have to be so bad, with takeaways, tick and tablets.
Merry Christmas