Tonight's the night

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Ok, if you're reading this on Friday August 2nd, you're reading it in the short gap between when I wrote this blog and kicked off the final backup.  Once I've a safe archived copy in a few spots, I will reformat the HDD of the newjunkie server, install teh distro i've chosen, then start learning the command-line interfaces necessary to set up a server and a uni dev box for C dev and  eclipse....

A lot to do. And no doubt I'm spureed on by the massive amount of gabo ingested in the last 24 hours, since i walked outta the dentsist's office after a wisdom tooth was extracted.  the pain's never really hit yet, but how could it? Two doses last night, no small amount, and two more upon waking. All after a fortnight of near total abstinence.  I was literally staggering around work, i fell asleep on teh train to and from work, catching dirty scowls from a lady on the inwards journey....aaah, to be a junkie again with no cares but the enxt fix, which, as it's payday, would not be a problem.

Only I'm not arranging a next fix.  The car's busted, as they say, and beyond my ken to fix, and i missed the lad who drives north each day for a shot. No big deal. As I say, I'm so trashed from the four shots I can barely stay time to do the biggest server migration in my life?    No, until you understand that it's the only time I could do this, to gather the nerve and energy to pull an all-niter and to hell with the consequences.

OK, enough jibber-jabber. I'll record a coupla my recent shots and i'm backing up.

See you on the other side of the OS.