A weekend without metro

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I picked up 65mg on Saturday morning, missed 100mg that night, missed all day and night on Sunday even tho i was looking at 100 mg. How do i do it?

Plenty of pot is a good start. I had been eating 2g at a time and was terribly high all the time but i think the sleep is what did it. Eating pot makes a really good general tonic if you don't have to be too sharp. Not so hot on the stomach but i'm sure creative cooking would fix that. For someone who is making an effort to reduce an opiate intake here is an ideal adjunct.


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I can say I am grateful that you did make this effort, as today I supped, well, I don't know how to graze, so I supped and this got me through the day. Though I think it wasteful for me to have to double up nearly once a week when I come to the end of a week long daily usage run. Not very practical, given that I get cash again tomorrow and will of course be scoring again, it makes me wonder if I should not have tried to go without today. No cash is not always an obstacle.

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I suggest you ask a bovine for advice there but when it comes to eating cannabis the first step is to extract the active ingredient with an edible oil. Butter is best, i haven't tried anything else but i'm pretty sure butter is best coz that's what they use in India where this goes back more than 1,000 years. If you don't smoke cannabis you probably should extract it all when you get it coz the product is very much like an exotic foodstuff, which it is, and not so obvious to Control.

For cannabis 2 grams simply chop it all as finely as you dare and melt a good sized knob of butter in a small saucepan. Combine the two in the saucepan and allow to sit on a low heat so it doesn't sizzle for 4 hours or longer. If you are doing a quantity, 10 grams of cannabis or more you can pour the mixture into a small plastic container with a lid and a plausible label for the law. Once solid it can be used just as you would normal butter, on toast, as a pesto, in a cake or something more substantial. The main objective here is to ameliorate the effects on the gut of the cannabis coz i believe it is an irritant.