What a Waste!

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So, I'm back on track one might say, using the 'Usage Tracker' and already I have noticed a slight moderation in my behaviour with Benzos. I think about it more often and think about how much I take at any time. Like 4 o'clock this morning when I took 5mg instead of 10-15mg, and still I managed a solid 4hr sleep.

I awoke with a start looking for the final remains of yesterday's dose and noticed about 20ml in ons of my bottles. Presuming this to be the remnants of yesterday's dose I drank it before I realised that what I had consumed was 100mg, the entire take-away component of yesterday's dose.

I had banked 200mg of Biodone since I got my benzo script filled and just now drank half of it by mistake. It's a chilly, rainy morning so I make a cup of tea and take 10mg diazepam and sit down at the site to record this farce on the 'Usage Tracker' primarily and these few thoughts in my blog as I wait for the drugs to take effect.

It's going to be a few hours before I go to pick up from the chemist and hope I don't have to take more than one 'No Doze' to keep me alert for long enough to do the errands I wish to do today.