Who said?

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Who said that the aim of taking drugs was to learn how to achieve their effect without them? Paraphrased I know. Some sixties Rock star I think. It's taken two decades but sometimes, like this afternoon, I can get a glimpse of how to do it. Standing still on a concourse outside the Sciences library at UQ, letting the life flow by, I get a trickle of a benzo effect without the benzos. A remove, a distance. The headphones help the feeling. Still a long way to go.


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I don't know if it's true for all drugs but so many drugs achieve their effect by mimicking the activity of some neurotransmitter, hormone, analogue of some chemical the body already produces. Someone suffering acute pain is given an opiate which is an analogue of some endorphin that is the neurotransmitter which mediates the pain response in the body. People doing marathon efforts describe a point at which they are relieved from the pain of the task and this becomes a behaviour to which they report becoming habituated. Cease the behaviour and they report symptoms somewhat in common with the less severe opiate withdrawals.