A world full of junk

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The twenty first century has got off to a strong start for all consumers, bred from a century of war they are so full of trepidation there is nothing that cannot serve as an obstacle to achieving anything worthwhile. Those with such a thin skin even cyberspace leaves them open to attack, settle for a paycheck to pay off the man and get the corpus to work and back. The internet has been going for about fififteen years and already it personifies civilization by providing unconnected individuals with some semblance of an identity and so many forms to fill out they will never be disturbed by grubby illiterates. Things that once took years and a saga spanning three states can now be achieved in virtual isolation from the lounge or bed instantly, travel to strange places and go through anything to find out what is now available courtesy of the internet and this is taken for an enrichment of our lives. The real excuse for travel is the one jonesy loves, to get more junk, and while you're at it pick up the sort of nasty stuff that would be ignored in Australia, cheap trinkets to prove you really were there after all. Anything to avoid the inconvenience of getting something meaningful, a risk that jonesy might not be the highest priority. Amongst all the connections on the internet lies the perfect foil for a total inability to connect. A seamless existence which challenges nothing and asserts nothing more than a status quo however far it holidays, a generalised autism with an ability to score, a complacency that verges on cruelty.