The Yearly Inspection

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I'm told they come once a year but it always seems sooner when a pair of nervous looking BRIC bureaucrats come to inspect the premises. They inspect everyone's place on the same day so don't have much time. They are mainly concerned about damage i think so i don't have much to worry about but it is a good time to think about how my use of the place has changed over the last year.

The major change is the PC which now occupies the table. When i try to remember what used to be there i can't so it probably amounted to junk which i couldn't throw away until there was something more important to take its place. Second must be the couch which is no longer here the space now occupied by a work table, more accurately a work board on a milk crate, where i am slowly assembling a small (dime scale) rubber powered aircraft. In itself this could pass for an installation art work and the clothes which had smothered the couch are now piled onto a couple of milk crates and a chair from the balcony. My new found sobriety leaves the floor comparatively clean but i sweep and mop the living space and bathroom more because it needs doing than anything else. The inspection also provides an excellent occasion to clean the fridge and stove and that's about it. I neglected to change the bed mainly because there is so much stuff on it but it wouldn't hurt to change the sheet since this is where i eat dinner, watch TV, work on the PC when not at the table, read, write letters, keep my papers and sleep although as often as not this is done curled up at the foot.

Today i filled out a survey for BRIC about my experience with the place and noted how i found the place too small for my needs which is probably true. I am sure it is too small for my expectations but come inspection it is a good size. The way i live now i can clean the place up in a few hours and visits are rare. After three years i am settled in and the natives no longer seem restless and even if i was offered a bigger place i am reluctant to move from such a wonderful location so close to the beach. Now a one bedroom flat just around the corner....