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The UNFC: A “Non-partisan” view

A third view on the Karen National Union dissatisfaction with the United Nationalities Federal Council.

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Big fish gets away in Burma’s biggest drug bust of the year

TUESDAY, 29 JULY 2014 22:06 S.H.A.N E-mail Print PDF
Burmese authorities in Tachileik yesterday seized a Vigo Toyota hauling an estimated $ 2.2 billion worth of heroin blocks together with two suspects, but the man believed to be the real culprit went sit free, said a military source this morning.

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Shan army publication: More than 200 clashes since ceasefire

The Shan State Progress Party/ Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) has already fought more than 200 battles, big and small, with the Burma Army that had launched campaigns against it, according to its Golden Jubilee publication.

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Statement by Shan Community Based Organizations on 'Resource Extraction'

Since 2012, six companies have been mining silica in the hills south-east of Namkham for export to China. Large amounts of mining waste have been dumped in the Nam Siri Stream, which nine villages rely on for farming as well as domestic use. This has polluted and clogged the stream, causing it to overflow into nearby fields, destroying crops, irrigation channels and weirs. At least 100 acres of fields have been destroyed so far.

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nge that had to come...

I had a prescription filled two weeks ago and doubted the local pharmacist's integrity when she told me otherwise but here it is...

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Burma military intelligence raids RCSS liaison office in Keng Tung

CHIANG MAI-May 7. Burma Military Affairs Security (MAS), formerly known as Military Intelligence, together with police and Burma Army raided the Restoration Council of Shan State’s liaison office in the eastern Shan State capital Keng Tung, on May 6, 2014.


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The other side of the story: KNU and UNFC can still “make it up” with each other

A leader of a top member organization of the 12 party alliance United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) said yesterday the Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team (NCCT) will serve as a meeting point for the recently estranged Karen National Union (KNU) and the Alliance.

Gen N Ban La

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Washington becomes second US state to legalise sale of marijuana for recreational use.

People have queued for hours after the US state of Washington became the second in the country to allow the legal sale of marijuana for recreational use.

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Here it comes!

This program dealing with the growing momentum behind commercial marijuana can be seen on ABC iView until 9:00pm on 1st July.  

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KNU leaves UNFC to it: One side of the story

As the famous saying goes: “There are three sides to a story: Your side, my side and the truth,” the following is the Karen National Union (KNU) leadership’s version given on 1 September 2014 on the disaster that befell the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC), which could very well alter