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“Taiwan” killed Shan leader in 1978

Taunggyi — One of the biggest mysteries in the history of the Shan resistance was who had assassinated the Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA)’s most colorful military leader Col Sam Möng (Zarm Mong) in 1978 and why.

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Prisoners paraded on Chinese TV before execution

By China correspondent Stephen McDonnell Australian Broadcasting Commission.

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Drugs are taken for pleasure – realise this and we can start to reduce harm

'The fact that there are so many users of illicit drugs means that the pleasures must often be seen to outweigh the pain, just as they do for alcohol and tobacco.'

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Philip K. Dick European Science Fiction Film Festival

This is my kind of film festival!  Films adapted or inspired from PK Dick.

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Drug Use in Australian Sport

The issue of 'Drugs in Sport' has instigated an inquiry into several Australian sporting codes.

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What happened to the 20,000+ former members of the Mong Tai Army?

Khun Sa was never so much defeated as squeezed out, and not too far from his comfort zone although he probably missed the hills during the sticky Rangoon summers.

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Painkiller addiction: the plague that is sweeping the US

Americans make up less than 5% of the global population but consume 80% of the world's supply of opioid prescription pills.

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Khun Sa still respected at his former headquarters – Arn Tai News

The late Khun Sa may be still regarded as a traitor in several quarters for surrendering to the Burma Army, but not in Homong, opposite Maehongson, where he had ruled for more than 10 years.

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What Manor of War is This?

Shan State Army-South “keeping our side of the bargain”