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Khun Sa still respected at his former headquarters – Arn Tai News

The late Khun Sa may be still regarded as a traitor in several quarters for surrendering to the Burma Army, but not in Homong, opposite Maehongson, where he had ruled for more than 10 years.

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Poppies return as usual

While authorities have warned that poppies must be grown “at the nape” (out of sight) and “not on the forehead” (within sight), many fields are still visible from the motor roads, as in Hopan-Hokhieng area, south of the Mongpan-Mongton road, according to new arrivals of migrants in Chiangmai.

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Healthy lifestyle programs' funding cut

The office of State Health Minister Lawrence Springborg issued details of changes to the Health Budget under the new Treasurer. state political reporter

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Conspiracy or economics?

It was harder to buy a syringe than to score heroin, today in Brisbane.

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Wa will not become government militia

While some elements among the Wa are arguing for a 'Peace at any Price' solution the agreement reached will maintain the UWSA status as a non-government force until satisfaction with the 'political process' is more substantial.

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Queensland State Budget: What you need to know


Treasurer Tim Nicholls has handed down his first budget for Queensland, describing it as "the most important budget in a generation."

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Namtu silver mine workers end strike, or Whatever happened to the former King of Opium

MONDAY, 11 JUNE 2012 12:40 S.H.A.N.
Workers calling for increased pay and better treatment ended their strike Friday, 8 June, after agreement was reached with the Win Myint Mo company, a subsidiary of Asia World, reported Kawli Media.

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A New Look at the Golden Triangle

The drug trade in Myanmar's Shan States is still going strong but the political dynamics are different .