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Adrian Cowell, an overdue obituary

Passage of a trailblazer
By Bertil Lintner

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Drug Study Shows Clubbers Have Little Interest in New Wave Legal Highs

Clubbers show little interest in the subsequent wave of legal highs that have become available since mephedrone was banned, according to a new study published this week in QJ Medical Journal.

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SSA seeks to alleviate fear over drug policy

Following its agreement to cooperate with Naypyitaw on 19 May in Kengtung, Shan State East capital, the Restoration Council of Shan State / Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA) has been holding public meetings to ease fears that it may be waging a shooting war in conjunction with the Burma Army against dru

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Artist Adam Cullen dies

Archibald prize winner, for his portrait of David Wenham in 2000. Not killed directly by an overdose, as far as we know, but it seems he had multiple organ failure over the last year or so.

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Why Cold Turkey is Molecular Murder

New Scientist

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Keep festivals free of sniffer dog troubles

Greg Barns

With the Australian summer come music festivals like the national Big Day Out concerts which finished up in Perth on Sunday.

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Hypocrisy over Bali teenager as Indonesian children remain in jail

This week the nation has been in an uproar over the arrest of a 14 year old Australian boy in Indonesia, accused of buying drugs.

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Heroin is Harmless

At a hearing to determine the future of heroin on April 3rd 1924, a congressional committee heard evidence from many expert witnesses.

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Voters oppose relaxing drug laws despite failure of 'war'

Mark Metherell, Lisa Davies
May 21, 2012

A MAJORITY of voters oppose decriminalisation of drug use despite declarations by a group of eminent Australians and a global commission that the war on drugs has failed.

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A derivative of the Khat plant which has been consumed in Africa since prehistory, cathinone, cat, miaow and now a host of brand names on the net where it is sold as plant fertilizer or bath salts. It was a 'legal high' and became popular which probably led to its being banned.