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Junkie site updated

So, don't think this site is abandoned. Every year i shill out another chunk of my wage to renew hosting.

Burmese govt vows action against drug traffickers

Burma’s government has pledged to take strong action against drug producers and traffickers across the country.

The 'plug in' seems to have been upgraded.

At a glance it seems like this version has features that were absent from the first.

Johnny Htoo working with KNU

While perusing the news from home at I noticed in the article about a possible summit between armed groups that leading the talks was

POPE DIES! Beatification awaits approval of new Pope.

Canonization is probably not far off for Hey Seuss certainly the most saintly of popes in the past few centuries.

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Frenetic Militancy

The anti-Vietnam war protests in the late sixties made an impression along with the war itself and a generalised sense that ‘things are not all they seem’ gave rise to a desire to see ‘things as they are’, a self-serving exercise that can easily absorb a lifetime. Along with protests against the war came protests against everything and a social paradigm of consumerism predicated on global rape became the focus for so many different protests it is as if a convulsive change in our society is inevitable and also a good thing.

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A world full of junk

The twenty first century has got off to a strong start for all consumers, bred from a century of war they are so full of trepidation there is nothing that cannot serve as an obstacle to achieving anything worthwhile. Those with such a thin skin even cyberspace leaves them open to attack, settle for a paycheck to pay off the man and get the corpus to work and back.

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A Modern Squattocracy


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A post industrial village

Remember village life? It was glorious especially in a not too tropical not too temperate climate beside or near a good river with a few decent creeks around and plenty of room to grow, collect and hunt food and other necessities. Life was hard but so were we and what couldn't be endured usually killed us so acceptance was easy. Education wasn't too good but there was plenty of work opportunities and that's always where the real learning takes place.

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An endangered species

For as long as I can remember I have always empathised with the remains of an endangered species. I am not alone here and whether it's a baby seal or a leviathan many people get awfully emotional about their plight and the list is endless these days and always getting longer it's no wonder so many people are also hardened and fail to respond at all.

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The power of a cold

I awoke at 4am yesterday with the concrete realisation that I would not be going in to work. A cold that was just a talking point when I had gone to bed had promoted itself to being totally in charge of my destiny for the foreseeable future.

What impresses me about sickness like this is the way it removed my normal desire for opiate intake. When I went to bed later that night I had scored only once (been using 3 times a day lately) and had only drunk a quarter of my normal metro takeaway dose.

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Something for pain

A few days I've been taking methadone for analgaesia and after all this time of heavy usage it still works. I'm always impressed at this and it wouldn't surprise me if its an unsung antipsychotic as well. Another thing which never ceases to amaze me is the hysteria associated with it and for how much longer this collective delusion can persist. The same applies for cannabis of course and many other controlled substances. I'm whining because I am sore it goes with the pain relief.

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(fande) These medheads around here are like schoolboys. Everything they do seems to have an air of masturbation. Like the internet; "yeah, I'm looking into getting my camera set up so I can masturbate with this chick in Kuringai" and i'm not sure if he's joking. One of them isn't coz that's all he can do with it!

Human blemishes they are like pimples that pop up, irritate and in the end are nothing more than transient confusion. Ah, metro.

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Fun with drugs #1

Not long after i started smoking pot i found myself sometimes when very stoned and with my eyes shut, forgetting completely where i was and how i got there. The initial few times i immediately opened my eyes and found out my circumstances but after a while, since there was no anxiety or distress associated with the feeling, i began keeping my eyes shut while i retraced back through my mind until i reached my present location and only then would i open my eyes to verify and always correctly. Sometimes it might take several minutes and the longer the better.

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Pain perception

"a long period of chronic pain is is preferred to a significantly shorter period of mild discomfort with peaks of acute pain." 'Thinking, Fast and Slow' Daniel Kahneman, 2011 978 1 84614 055 6


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