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Chemically Lost

26.11.2011 I'm back
Near to six months away. And I was here all the time, just ...being extra broke, PC in shop, not wanting to face reality and get it back with 1 TB of data lost, so watch out for some new postings soon.

21.01.2011 Holidays
Just started my first holidays in more than three years. Three weeks is the most I have had off since starting full time work 16 years ago. Travel beckons. The subcontinent. Lions and tigers and bears!

08.12.2010 4ZZZ 35th Birthday
Went to my first Zed reunion tonight. Skipped the 25th one in 2000 as Zed had just politicised my dad off the air, and I was jacked at them (as I saw it) for punishing my dad for their dislike of me. Who knows, or even cares any more. Anyways, tonight was good. Peter A, I , Bek and DQ all went. Met the radiant DJ JG, she was there with her smile and strength. Zed and all the subsequent shite was worth it just to meet the best Brisbane has and had to offer.

26.08.10 Machine Translations
Saw them at the Troubadour tonight, supported by Bris-band Mosman Alder. Support had a loyal fanbase, attracting more groovers than MT. They reminded me of Arcade Fire with the violin and the harmonies - though AF are a bit more melodic. More »

That was a lot easier than I expected. There are now comments forms on about half my diary entries. Feel free to comment. I get notified on each comment, so don't mind if it's a four year old entry. Thanks to the web (and GentleSource) for making this upgrade so pain-free

26.09.09 Junkie 2.0
Thinking about this site, Web 2.0, and other junkies (and ex-junkies) out there. The great thing (to me) about the web is that if you see a site you like, you can snaffle that tech and have it on your site in a day. And I have to admit, a site that waffles on about just one person's relationship with the dragon, (and S), must get uber-dull. So I am going to start adding some feedback aspects - comments etc. I will have to add those CAPTCHA 'type the word here' Turing tests to stop spammers filling my pages. But get ready for some feedback!

16.07.09 Using db update completed
Okay, I am officially impressed at my own work. Yes I know, that breaks some personal rules, but it's true. Two minutes ago (9:27pm) I imported to mysql a postgresql exported csv file from 2007. It's taken me two years to do this export/import. I might write a longer article tomorrow night post-gabo, but for now - it employed my fave, an xsl transformation, to create the csv file, separated by ~s and ^s as they were the only unique characters I could find! Now you can see most shots since 2005.

21.06.09 Using db updated
Finally got around to updating some code on this site (I think it's called 'porting' in the true programmers world). I used to have a swish sql query and output that listed all my shots , hours between use, average abstinences, when I was doing better than average, then I switched webserver hosts and went from asp to php. New ground, which lost me ground. But it's coming along, and this weekend I got this bit done. Still years of data missing from the db, as the old one (postgresql) needs importing into the new one (mysql) and although I've tried a few tools I am having no luck. I WILL NOT RE-KEY. That's my mantra.

03.06.09 Clag Video released
Okay, so it's not in any way junk related, but hey, it's fun. And junk's fun, so maybe there's a link. I helped post to YouTube a vid of Clag's 1992 'Running Amok' Market Day performance on the weekend, and it wasn't as easy as I thought. Not due to YouTube, but due to that crappy world of codecs. Hello, standardisation? Anyway, see it here

06.05.09 Keelty resigns
The Federal Police Commissioner who was responsible for advising Singapore police of Van Nguyen's trafficking, which resulted in van Nguyen's execution, and also for cooperating with the Indonesian police for the Bali 9's arrest, announced his September resignation today. Prior to Keelty, Australia had a policy of not assisting nations to arrest Australians if the Australians would face the death penalty. Mr Keelty ignored this policy. Will his replacement take the same approach?...

22.04.09 Stimulating Packages
Can spending your $900 Federal Gov Stimulus Package on four consecutive days of $200 packets of smack be considered re-investing monies in your local community? Do you think this is what Rudd foresaw when he announced the program? At least all the dealers I know had a good week, less requests for credit, more people buying larger packets and more repeat buys. Of course it only lasted a few days for me, but the staggered release of the cash meant that the dealers managed to keep up the good business for around three weeks...

08.04.09 Battlestar Bloopers
Found an error in Episode 7 of Season 4 (9:29 in) of the modern Battlestar Galactica series. It shows a Windows dialog box on a screen in the Cylon Base ship. Possibly the widespread adoption of the Windows platform is responsible for the buggy behaviour of Cylon skinjobs. Allegedly the sixes were based on XP, Cavill upon paranoid Vista, psycho Sharon upon Windows Me, and, well, you work out the rest - here's a screenshot

15.01.09 All Tomorrow's Parties Festival
Went to ATP Festival at Riverstage - mainly for Spiritualised and Nick Cave, although Saints played also. All in all, disappointed with the show. Tickets $95 which is not bad for a festival, though only six bands played, all were headline acts (Rob Forster of Go-Betweens and James Blood Ulmer played before I got there). But I think the main disappointment was that Nick was so drunk he muffed lyrics and didn't live up to the showman tag I expected. Last saw him at Festival Hall in 2004, a much better concert.

03.12.08 Lloyd convicted
ABC's former Asia correspondent, Peter Lloyd, was sentenced to ten months in a Singapore jail, and on the same day he was sacked by the ABC as a result of his convictions. Two eight months sentences for possession and consumption of methamphetamine plus an additional two months for having drug utensils. Government employees being dismissed upon discovery of drug convictions is nothing new. I had a friend suspended for ten weeks without pay a decade ago, then he was reinstated and backpaid after his charges were dropped.

19.11.08 Trafficking charge withdrawn
The Singapore government withdrew trafficking charges against South Asia ABC correspondent Peter LLoyd on 4/11/08. He will face sentencing on four lesser charges on December 2nd, three years to the day after Australian Van Nguyen was executed by the same government. Possession of ice, along with a consumption charge and two drug paraphernalia charges remain. Consumption is an interesting charge, not valid in Qld but NSW I believe still has similar laws. Mr Lloyd could receive a maximum of ten years for the consumption charge.

15.08.08 Money saving ideas

25.07.08 This site is back!
Freebird, cyberpunk and movies, are three things spiraling in my cultural brainspace. Saw The Happening a few weeks back, the opening scene was the most memorable I have seen in a while. MNS knows how to make a movie.

19.09.07 What is it about anti-drug ads
and their government-mandated requirement to show the drug user hitting their mum? No matter what country, what culture, they all show an amped up freak pushing their mum to the this our deepest darkest fear? Hitting our mum? Is that as bad as drugs get? Maybe I've got further to sink then - I've stolen their cash but never pushed them to the ground.

09.05.07 Denatured gear.
Add your own DNA profile to your gear to render it a) useful only to you and b) legal as it is useless to others. Is this a possibility in a world of cheaper tech? Pay $20,000 in Thailand to have a kilo tagged to your DNA then carry it (legally, as it is effective only to your DNA) in your luggage back home. Perhaps just an idea for a fantasy story but maybe not....

08.05.07 Junk recipes
- what to cook when you've only $5

Shelfari - hot to read.
- see what I'm reading right now here

01.07.06 - "Using is such a bad idea
at the moment..."diary entry of a sad boy

17.02.06 - Bali 9
unanswered questions

2.12.05 - Van Nguyen
They executed Van Nguyen this morning in Singapore. I'm going out to score in a few minutes. I guess his death didn't stop the drug trade in Brisbane.

2.9.05 - Jean Grae
Music - Jean Grae in Brisbane

5.8.05 - Sigur Ros
Music - Sigur Ros in Brisbane


Hours since diary entry added 46,665.51
Hours since gabo 96 1333 shots
Hours since street art image added 46,665.51
Under average by 9.6 hours
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Days inside : Bali 9 : (Bali, heroin): 7,034
Days inside : Matt (out): (Woodford, heroin) : 2,640

What you inject has nothing to do with your ability to go to work, raise a family or participate in society in general. I hope for the day when the word 'junkie' has as much weight as the word 'lawyer'. Well, maybe not that much weight.

To those junkies who say 'well at least I'm not a meth-head' or 'yeah but I don't take speed' I say you are playing the same game as the cop who searches your car because you have a track mark, and therefore you are a criminal. Judge yourself before you pass judgment on the guy next to you. Teach people to overturn or re-evaluate their beliefs through your actions. And point out when a person is expressing a belief as a fact.



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