Going in for surgery the morning after tomorrow.

I am proud of succeeding in the ASP/SQL world.  I finally managed to write a SQL via ASP query that selects all transactions in my database that occurred in 2006.  I was having trouble with the double-quotes, but got around the problem with the help of google and the ASCII tables, I managed to get it done.  I guess that's part of the reason i do ASP code.  I heard an interview the other day where someone was saying that languages like ASP have low level entry requirements.  They meant that you don't need to have mountains of knowledge to start in the industry.

Like myself, you can do a little project and add on the code bit by bit as you think of dynamic requirements for your site.  I think the first thing I added on was a sentence that said how many hours had elapsed since the latest diary entry had been added.  From there, I wrote/copied some code that formatted it nicely, and now I am doing database queries.  Along with XML and XSL I am thoroughly enjoying the process.

Re hospital, I go in 7am Friday. I have a general, and when I leave on Saturday, with metres of cotton wadding up my nose, I should be able to breathe.  My local doctor says I will be able to learn to breathe through my nose unassisted.  I think they'll find something else wrong, perhaps turf in a pacemaker, then as they install the pacemaker, they'll notice a discolouration on my kidney, and I'll wake up Saturday with half my body transplanted and a decade of recovery ahead of me.

At least I'm prepared for the worst.