(The first of October not the 2nd actually)

Feeling shocking in the morning. Going shopping with your mum in Toowong Village. Buying some work pants, waiting for the metro to kick in, but nothing works as well as finding out you're gonna score when u weren't expecting it.
Talking with mum about Audrey Hepburn, how there's never been anyone like her since. "There've been lots of beautiful actresses I say, but none so alive as her".

"In the odd movie sometimes there is an actress who comes close, who shines for a minute. But they don't sustain it."

Mum - " She had a way of talking..."

And now the 2nd. A day straight, from dawn to dusk.

I like to think of this as my bit for women's liberty. Normally it's a woman who has her heart broken by a man's philandering, this time it's a male.

I don't need to spend $1000 on a shrink to tell me that because I had a mum who (at the time) could not show love or express affection, I am always attracted to these women as my partners, and I am not attracted to the women who openly admire me and express their feelings. It's the women who cannot express what they feel (but who I hope may love me) that I end up idolising.

Pop psychology has its merits!

A day straight. If you count treble dosing on metro straight. But when your dose is under 20, treble bugger all is still bugger all!