Highlights of my 35th birthday.

Super gluing a broken plastic ventilator plug back into the kitchen cupboard door.  It was good to use old super-glue, usually I buy a tube of that stuff, use it once, then next time I need to use it, the tube has solidified from exposure to air and I buy another one.  Not this time, it really did stay liquid despite months of non-use.  Maybe the world really is progressing, maybe it's not all smoke and mirrors.

Also on my birthday, i walked to the local Night Owl to purchase red Creaming Soda to accompany my pizza dinner.  The dinner was eaten whilst watching King Kong, my third and finally successful download.  The first was in Spanish, the second Italian I think.  there were several abortive attempts on versions that appeared to be in various other lingos.  I downloaded some English subtitles, but they were mainly of a poor quality, done by "machine translators" (great Aussie band, but the software has a long way to go.

Presents?  Well none yet, with parents and siblings in Manila. S will purchase me something tomorrow, and apparently not clothes!  I had not thought about it, but when S rang me at 282 last night, she pointed put that she always bought me clothes for birthdays and Christmas, and I was never very excited by this.

Gabo was quite strong, which made up partially for the 20-25 minutes of waiting 5 metres from the dealer in a residential unit-block carpark.  The usual sad socialising of the scorers, frenetic with the success of their mission.  It took this long for them all to disperse and for me to get my turn in line.  Said dealer was very stoned, usually he is v professional, but tonight he took five minutes to weight out a half gram on the floor of the passenger compartment in his car. 

All this occurred, as i said, in a public car park.  i kept expecting cops to turn up and arrest us all, just before I got my deal.  But maybe the god of birthdays and sad people saved me.  said dealer finally bagged and tied the .51 gram pack (.01 extra for my birthday, half-serious half-joking)  I sprinted home in beat up old sports car, hustled upstairs and cooked up in a teaspoon used purely for this purpose.

Happy birthday flex!