"Everyone's a winner baby, hedge your bets" scream Catatonia in my ears.  They did stuff a lot better than their hit Road Rage, yet I would have never have heard of them if not for that song...Irony huh.  Another week straight.  I don't have a physical cell of stone and iron so I carve another tally mark into the website of my soul.  Did good straight things today like driving down the Gold Coast, reading ASP.NET handbooks and watching S watch babies.   Libido driving me crazy, yet another skitz out in the morning.  It's OK when I wake up and hop outta bed and go straight to work but when I wake up slowly on a Sunday morning with S by my side it's too much sometimes.  I won't go into the gory details.  I hopped outta bed a wired bundle of nerves and spent my last beans paying an overdue Optus bill hence saving the risk of scoring. 

Optus had chopped off first mobile calls and then a week later local calls.  I wonder if they will reconnect outgoing when they see beans in tomorrow morning...I guess not scoring has some benefits - phones that aren't always disconnected at the first bill.

Waiting for sunburn to hit hard.  Will try to get ASP page of this site (Send flex outta Brisbane) working tonight, by hook or by crook as they say.