Lat this Tuesday night.   Day 3 w/o Gabo, S taps her feet constantly, I have pointless panic attacks in my cubicle at work. 

We just finished watching 1972 Deliverance with Jon Voight (not the dentist, mr Seinfeld) and Burt Reynolds sans moustache.   Well I should say we watched 99.3% of Deliverance, because over Christmas a suit filed by the major motion picture producers in US of A shutdown most torrent sites worth mentioning.  hundreds are gone, and with them the ability to locate other IP addresses (other net nerds) who have this file.  So now there's an incomplete copy of many films floating around.   I was surprised Deliverance played at all - .avi files used to be funny about not playing until complete, but this was pretty OK, every 20 minutes or so the video would stop, audio continue and then the video would start again and the audio would be around 5 seconds ahead of the video.

Needless to say this annoyed S v much so I found an AC3 configuration utility that happened to have a video/audio sync slider (+/ 0.5secs) but also a box where you could type in -8000 millisecs etc and so every 20 minutes we'd have to time the delay, tweak the tweaker and then stop and restart the film to get synced up.  I guess it is frustrating when four people are having a heated conversation and they're all gruff males....u know what i mean.

well i feel no so good so i am off to bed and reading Iain Irvine's No3 in Well of Echoes Trilogy (of 4 books of course), Scrutator.  Finished The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde the other day, a great Christmas present and read.  Gotta get back to Doev's "The Idiot" when I finish Irvine.

I know I will feel better tomorrow.  The Rumanian brand of gabo is particularly nasty in terms of addictivity, yet it doesn't match in the effectiveness stakes...so why take it?  

If you're asking that u r no user, I assure u.  Sorry to end on a negative note.  Go watch Deliverance, and free Bittorrent!.

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