oh yeah!  how could i forget?  shout out to my man, jani.  without him i wouldn't be healthy and happy today.  only through experiencing his particular fashion of abuse and insanity was i able to realise i was wasting my life.

I think it was the day he made me touch his ringworm before i could get my packet, that I realised I was in a bad situation.  Or maybe it was as he beat me at 4am and threw me out of the house for the way i looked at him.   I had met him in the casino at midnight, handed over a grand, watched him pur it into a pokie, then sat an hour with him before he stonedly said "What are you here for...oh, you want something?  I got nothing, it's all at home.  Come over around 4am."

I had to be at work by 830am, but w/o getting on I would be a very sick worker at 830am so of course i knocked on his door 430am.  He had a working girl there and was brimming with freshly injected speed.  After stuffin around with his new laptop for ten minutes he jibbered something and pointed at it then walked off to get his stash.  The young working girl, 18 maybe, asked me what we were supposed to be doing.  "I dunno, I can't understand what he's saying half the time" said I.   Young J heard this from the next room and next thing I knew I was being bounced down a hallway and out on my ass.  Of course, like a classic abusive personality, he left the door open so I could come back on my knees and beg for the dope I'd paid for earlier.  Eventually, after two syringes full of gabo, the speed psychosis subsided beneath a cloud of gabosleep and he got me to measure the eightball out.  Being somewhat nervous I weighed it  up including plastic bag, but that's another story.

He never forgave me for my "dishonour" that night.  I stopped seeing him soon after and went back on metro.  Now I'm clean.  he went quite far around the bend not long after, using a knife to rob most people he knew.  Now he's in jail awaiting a manslaughter charge.  At my current work my boss often uses the phrase "there's never a dull moment around here" to which I smile and agree, but then sometimes I think of Jani and early morning psychotic episodes and are quite happy for my new brand of non-dull moments.