What to say. Rainy mornings, making me think of being in my early twenties, waking and putting on 'Sunday Morning' by the Velvet Underground, then collapsing back onto a mattress to mix up, hit up.

These were before the days where I needed to prep a shot prior to going to sleep, as I would wake and start projectile vomiting if I tried to mix up after a six or seven hour break without gear. Fun days, heh. Guess you have to remember the good with the bad. Collapsing back onto that mattress to the VU sounds kind of good, compared to current lifestyle - wake, sick, dash and get metro...

Which reminds me, what I started writing this post about. My chemist, a smart lad, messed up yesterday and gave me a takeaway and a daily dose...I did not pick up on it at the time (I have also not picked up at the time when they have shorted me a takeaway, so I think I am being unbiased here). So now I can double dose here.

Double dosing. Nice alliteration, nice outcome., A day away from earthly duties, chasing funds, looking for food, hustling. Just double dose and the world recedes, a tide across mangrove pocked sandbanks at Sandgate. The world becomes your mudflat to explore, to chase soldier crabs marching in formation, to pick up their little sand balls without destroying them, if you can...

To double dose. Perchance to dream, I say.

Listening to Handsome Furs. I adore Spencer S, I wish I was in snow-bound Canada right now, queuing up for a Wolf Parade gig. Instead I go to The Gap to fix a man's computer...


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