Nasty runs.  A day after having half normal dose, gut wrenches and I spend 20 minutes in the dark feeling horrid.  Maybe it was the 2 2mg vals i had, they always only serve to make one feel shiteful.  They do nowt, but they satisfy the junkie's urge to consume a mood alterer.

S has gone up to her full sister's place to look after it while full sister watches half sister get married.

My full sister is having a baby as we speak in Phillipines.

All is confusing.  I am alone for the first time in a while and at first all I wanted to do was score.  Then whilston the loo, i thought about setting up a throat mic with a wireless connection to a PC with voice recognition software that can transcribe your running commentary during the day.

And every five minutes it could upload the latest chunk to your website, along with a timestamp.  Sounds cool, must try.

At least it stopped me thinking about using for ten minutes.