I know this girl (well, not in the biblical sense, well not for a while at least), she likes to thinks she's way selfish.  If you ask her what her main failing is, I'd guess she would say "I'm a selfish bitch".  Anyways, I think she tells herself this so as to add to her general swag of low self esteem drivers.  And there's nothing like a low self esteem for letting yourself blow every last cent you have on gabo.  People with high self esteem wouldn't spend 80% of their fortnightly income on a four hit of gabo, half of that going to their live-in-lover.

Anyways, I know she isn't really selfish, that's for sure.  Because a selfish girl wouldn't blow all her pay on gabo and then give half to me, would she?

Tonight we nodded off during my second watching of Night Watch, as we tried to decipher any hidden meaning in the movie.  It's cinematically beautiful, S says reminiscent of City of Lost Children.  This morn we went to TAFE at 7am to do a photo shoot of girls modelling her designs in a croquet theme.  Now she has to develop a magazine/newspaper layout for the shots.  I suggest "Croquette" as the title, she says the longer "An annual Manual for Croquet Etiquette".  Perhaps a short Header with the longer motto, who knows. She got the B&W Courier Mail shots of her designs in the mail today, $16 to buy full prints, get all three I say.

Now S and I trade alliteration conversations, in the wake of new terrorism legislation commentary using that insidious word, "mostly"

G: "I heard that the rain in Spain falls mostly on the plain."

S:   "She sells sea shells by the sea shore"

G: "Really?  Coz I heard Peter Piper...."

etc.  It all makes perfect sense if you're both equally gaboed and have lived in the same small box for the last seven years day in day out.