six years on.  and if i remember right, around about four years ago on the 2nd anniversary i was questioning things.  it's amazing how smack will let you put up with no end of shite, as long as u keep getting fixed up five times a day.  drove out to nebo and mt glorious yesterday, work forgot to pay me sat morning so sold second copies of books and went without all weekend.  

kinda glad i got paid not, as i probably would've scored.  where did all the anger and strength go?  Where did all my newborn's insight disappear to.  On the way to work this morning I saw this girl Courtney sitting outside the homeless shelter, drinking coffee.  Across the orad there is sun and warmth but she sat in the cold wind drinking coffee.  S knew her as a croupier at the Treasury.  Good place to meet h dealers I guess.  She's slid down the h hill v quickly, latest boyfriend in jail.

taking 2mg vals for a slightly altered outlook on life.  am i an IT professional or a drug fiend?  depends who u ask i guess.